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God Shiva’s Versions Jyoti Bindu – Point of Light #1

God_Shiva’s_Versions_1 Mohini_Didi February 1, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well, happy? Are we making a lot of effort? Is it easy? It is good when we have something to do, the intellect has homework and remains busy. Very often during the day, we think about our homework, our practice, our stage. Actually, as Baba is saying, the important thing in life is awareness. So, when Baba comes, He makes us aware of our original, eternal self. So, what am I at present? ‘Brahmin so deity’. So, every subject has to become realty, royalty, and this awareness is also called smriti. I think that each one of us, when we heard, “I am peaceful, I am pure, I am a soul”, we immediately said ‘yes’! That’s why we began the journey to become that. There was an immediate awakening of this awareness. Yes, this is what I was, I have to become this again, and becoming is a long journey. We all have been on a journey for many years, and we know that finally we will become an embodiment of awareness and conqueror of attachment. That is the final stage. We all are moving in that direction, and I am sure that little by little, we are about to reach there.

So, there is a song ‘Oh traveler of night, don’t get tired, very soon entering into dawn’, morning will begin, the Golden Age will come. We just have to reach that stage. I feel so much that Brahma Baba is with me, as if he is traveling with us and sharing with us. He says, “Children, I did this, let’s do it!” Feeling Brahma Baba as a companion on the journey gives me a lot of strength, as if Baba is holding the hands of each one of us and saying, “Yes, children come with me!” Brahma Baba had accurate remembrance of Shiv Baba, love was there, relationships were there. So, to connect, we are using some of the points of what Baba spoke about Himself. We took the word ‘world benefactor’ for practice today, and we deeply churned on that. What exactly is it to be benevolent, to be kalyankari? First, I have to take those words for myself, then I have to have pure thoughts for everyone.

Purity is very important, a clean mind, and a clean intellect. In the path of bhakti, whatever we did as prayers, we asked God for wealth, position, success, but all in body consciousness, so it didn’t require purity. Now, I just want to stay connected with Baba, to get power, inheritance, become like Baba, incorporeal. Everyone says something different about God. Baba also said in murli today, “No one knows Me as I am! I have to come and give My introduction, and for that I need a personality, or I need a body, and I use the body of Brahma to give My introduction.” So, then He talks about His form, “I am a Point of Light.” Actually, anything you look at, when you ignite or light a candle. What is it? It is a point. Almighty Baba, World Benefactor Baba, His form is also a point. Baba says that on the path of bhakti, people find it very difficult to connect with a point, so they created a big oval shape figure and they call it Shiva, they want to worship Shiva. God, the Supreme Soul is a point of light.

Many used to ask Dadi Janki, “The soul has a mind, intellect, and sanskars. God is also a point. Does He have a mind, intellect, and sanskars?” When a soul comes in contact with the body, enters the body, then the mind and intellect start functioning. It is the same as when Baba comes in the body of Brahma, the knowledge emerges and He speaks the knowledge. If He didn’t have any sanskars of knowledge or love, or peace, He wouldn’t be able to express them. When we look at Baba, we feel love, and He is able to give us love, because that is in the soul, and then we say that He is the Ocean, He is the Bestower. So, in the incorporeal world, even in all of us, everything is merged, but when I come in the corporeal world, everything emerges. It is the same with Shiv Baba. Even though He is a Point, as soon as He enters Brahma Baba, He gives drishti, then He speaks and gives a good experience, with lots of love. So, within this Point, it’s not only Light and Might, but all unlimited qualities, like an ocean. So, when I am thinking of a point, you don’t have to force yourself to concentrate. This is a point with consciousness, this is the Supreme, and Baba always gives the example of seed. Look at a seed, break the seed, will you get fruit in that? As soon as we put the seed in the ground, water it, give sunlight, we start seeing a small plant emerging gradually, then flowers and fruits, and you get surprised. Have you ever thought about the power of nature? Here, these are 3 entities; soul, nature, and God. The combination of soul and nature is this Drama. God Shiva, God, is above, but He connects with nature at Confluence Age. He says, “ I have to speak to my children, I have to see my children.”

So, when you are thinking about the Point of Light, don’t just focus on light and say this is just a Point of Light, but this is Baba, Father, knowledge full. Then it will be very meaningful, lively, receiving and sharing, even with a point. I have a small lovely Shri Krishna with me. Every time I look at it, I say,”Oh, he is smiling.” So, what should I do? I smile too. So, with the Point of Light, don’t just be expressionless because you don’t see any expression. Don’t get stuck with the form. Whenever Shiv Baba was in Brahma Baba during murli or while during actions, you would see a beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, because of God's light. We could see the difference of light of the soul of Brahma Baba and of Shiv Baba. So, He is living, you talk to a Point, you love the Point. I will say otherwise, what’s the point? When I say “Baba”, that means, He is the Father, He has love, He has to give us knowledge. This morning’s murli was also appropriate; He needs a personality from this world, so he uses the body of Brahma. Everything is so connected; our murli, the avyakti signal from Madhuban, and our homework. Recognition of Baba as He is, connecting with Baba as He is, and also becoming incorporeal as Baba is. He is a seed and He is living. He is Truth, and He is blissful. In that Point, everything is there. That’s what we will keep receiving from that Point of Light. Baba speaks, “I am a Point of Light.”

Om Shanti

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