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God Shiva’s Versions - God Shiva's Versions - Bestower of Fortune #26

God_Shiva’s_Versions_26 Mohini_Didi February 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Doing well, everyone is okay? Yes, very happy, had a good day? We had a bhatti with good classes and good commentaries. Some of us were karma yogis, but still we were aware to be in remembrance of Baba. I like when Baba says that the greatest fortune is that Baba makes you an instrument to do some kind of service. Baba makes us instruments, so our aim and attributes should be the same. When we understand, we become. We have to be natural, but we also have to be consistent, because Maya doesn’t like for us to be consistent. As soon as everything is going smoothly and okay, then Maya interferes. Baba says that now you know all forms of Maya, and in what way Maya comes. It is different for different children of Baba.

To make others pure is the greatest charity, and you become a charitable soul. So, through our life, as a good example, being successful, we can inspire others to be pure also. Purity is very incognito, peace can be experienced, love can be experienced, but people don’t think that purity is the source of peace and happiness. They come to Madhuban, Baba’s Home, anywhere, everywhere, and they say that there is so much peace, but they don’t know it is because of purity. Soul consciousness, brotherly love, all the qualities in us, our compassion, our kindness, our cooperation, all these qualities emerge from purity. So many types of balances we learn when we come into knowledge with Baba; to be detached and lovely, to be lawful and loveful, stable, consistent. Baba also says so sweetly that praising Baba consistently will make you a consistent yogi. I like this very much, to keep singing the praise of Baba. So, today we were singing the praise of Baba as ‘Satyam-Shivam-Sundram'. Our singing is not like devotees. Our singing is with recognition, with relationship, and also the aim to become like Baba. Baba wants us to be like Him. So, every day from murli, take one quality of Baba from murli and continue to think of Baba, or even mentally, just say, “Baba, You are Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram”, or any quality, “Baba, You are the Satguru. You are our Supreme Father, Teacher, and Sat Guru.” Think of any relationship, any quality, any virtue, any power of Baba.

Just keep thinking about this, it's so easy. Sometimes we say, “I am not feeling a connection”, and I say, “What connection?” As soon as you think of Baba’s qualities, you will feel the presence of Baba. Baba is the Bestower and for today and tomorrow, we will be thinking about fortune, the Bestower of Fortune. When Baba comes, He bestows upon us the third eye of knowledge, or divine eye, as our gift. Knowledge is inheritance. We didn't think that God would come and give us knowledge. Some of us wanted liberation, some wanted a good life, some wanted to go to heaven, different thoughts. He gave us knowledge, gave us understanding, gave us an aim and He is giving us power to fulfill. So actually, we are very fortunate. Baba says that this is elevated fortune, it’s not ordinary fortune, but elevated fortune. We have a mind that thinks positive thoughts, always has good wishes, and the intellect always reflects whatever is valuable, useful. We are always doing actions that are elevated and pure, using our time, energy, every resource for world benefit, for the service of humanity. This is a great fortune, such spiritual relationships. We have an unlimited family in the whole world. We have those who are in our spiritual families, but also through our thoughts, we have loveful relationships with the whole world, all the souls of the world.

These are the things that make your fortune great. Plus, through remembrance, we are able to settle karmic accounts, remove our burdens, and become light. That is the biggest gift. Baba says that emperors are free from sorrow. Sometimes Baba says that you are carefree emperors. Baba gives different titles. You just have to think of them, reflect and experience, and that is possible only when you remind yourself that this is my fortune. Baba is bestowing on me this fortune. Awareness has to be created, so that the power can be experienced. I cannot experience power if I forgot, if I forget. At least this much effort I have to make; to think of Baba and Baba’s qualities, Baba’s divine task. Baba also wants that to be consistent. I loved what Baba said, that we should constantly sing the praise of Baba. I think that’s what I am going to do now. Any thought, “Baba, You are Almighty. Baba, You are the Bestower. Baba, You are compassionate. You are the Ocean of Love.” Then, that same quality can emerge in me also, and I can use it for myself and to serve others. So, Baba keeps giving us very simple methods, and we have to use all these methods.

Om Shanti


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