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Go Beyond All Relationships and Attractions of Matter #6

Volcanic_Yoga_6 Mohini_Didi August 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Is everyone well? Yes? Very good! If I am able to see and we all could be together that means we are okay, right? We all heard that we are in Canada, we are in Toronto. You can see different kinds of flowers, different kinds of background because we are at different places. So we travel all together because Avyakti Parivar is now in Toronto.

Baba says you have been given birth by the ‘Fortune Maker’. So, what kind of fortune will we have? Baba said this morning that Baba has given you everything, you have to make it your own. Baba is giving knowledge every morning, unlimited, but how much I absorb, how much I inculcate, how much I share with others, that all depends on my efforts. So you have it, but effort is to use it. Like many times we say, “Oh, I have faith.” Having faith is not enough, but it is about using faith, the power of faith. I have faith, but still I have fear, a lot of fear. Faith and fear cannot be together, right? Baba always says ‘nischay ka bal’ that means change the faith as your power and use that power. Also, anyone else who needs to strengthen their power of faith, you just talk to them. So then I have a lot of yoga, but what about the power of yoga? That power is like giving the fire of yoga. I have been thinking so much about the power of purity today. That's our homework, how subtle impurities can be there and we have to burn them. So, paying attention to the self, adapting to what Baba is saying and then it becomes a part of me, part of the soul. Then sometimes conversations happen, so the atmosphere becomes tense. So what does one have to do? Change it, change immediately, change the conversation so the atmosphere will change. If it keeps going on then it becomes heavy, heavier. So, that is why in Hindi we say, ‘vani and vatavaran’, words also create atmosphere.

So our homework for tomorrow, ‘go beyond’ that means to go above, go beyond all relationships and attractions of matter. How many types of uncles we have, maternal uncle, paternal uncle, how many? A lot, right? A lot of people say, ‘your nephew’ and ‘your niece’. So have love for everyone but be detached. The main effort, the easy effort, to become volcanic is constantly to have one concern: to return Home and to take everyone with you. That takes a lot of effort, right? Many times people say that I am okay, but is everyone okay? Some try to see that we can make everyone okay but some say, “Oh, I am okay, I don't have to do anything for others.” So, we have to set an example in every aspect, because I find that when there is an example, it's easy to learn. Our Dadis were examples, right? We saw Dadi Gulzar, whatever was happening, whatever people were saying, she was in silence, deep silence. In deep silence, she was still doing what others are doing through words because of that power. I remember her in many situations, sitting in a corner, not saying anything but she was in deep silence. I used to think about these situations, but now I realise they know everything, we are doing it in action, in words, and they're doing it through the mind. Now that's what I do, let everyone do what they're doing through words, through actions, but what is needed is through the mind. Mansa Seva. With this awareness that we have to go Home, take others with this awareness. You will automatically be able to go beyond all relationships and attractions of matter, that is, you will become a detached observer. By becoming a detached observer you will easily become a companion of the Father and equal to Him. Just being a detached observer, Baba will give you company and you will become like Father. Detached observer.

I once saw Brahma Baba in the courtyard walking and naturally because it was daytime, everyone was doing their department work, some karma yoga. So one brother was an electrician, he was passing, he had a few things in his hand, tube lights. He was so attracted, and kept looking at Baba, then the things fell. So Baba just kept giving him drishti and didn't say anything, but others around him would make comments. You would have to be more attentive, we always tell you. Baba was just smiling and giving drishti, and I thought that that's a detached observer. He was observing, The brother was already nervous anyway and on top of that everyone was saying things, but Baba didn't want to discourage him. So a detached observer is not that you constantly keep checking, telling, checking, but give power to that soul, give light and might to that soul. So, when you are a detached observer then you do what you are supposed to do, but not constantly, because it also becomes a habit, you have to say something to correct, you have to. So, the stage of detached observer is a very respectful stage, you're seated on your seat and you observe.

So it's very beautiful homework, and tomorrow we will pay attention, it’s going very fast. Even today we just experimented but we could do more. I like very much the power of purity. Try to use it. Now we have to work on today's homework for tomorrow that is ‘to be a detached observer, to be above’ and I have to take everyone along with me, we all are returning Home. All these thoughts we keep and be Baba’s companions.

Om Shanti

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