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Give Your Chart to the Father with an Honest Heart #29

Honest_Heart_29 Mohini Didi December 29, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar everyone! Baba gave lots of love to everyone and He also sent a message. We all are reflecting on the transition into the New Year. We call it new because we like everything new. You don't like old stuff, you like new. While Baba was pulling me to go to offer Bhog, I experienced Baba taking me into a very subtle stage. It is not that one can normally do that on one’s own, and also we have to sit properly, sit together. I was very much touched by Baba's help to experience being with Him, to get Baba's message, but also to share blessings with others too. Now this is the end of the month, end of the year, and Baba signaled us every night to sit with Baba, give your honest chart from an honest heart. So, I was thinking, what is the other way? It is to be in remembrance of Baba the whole day. Brahma Baba used to look at that chart, Baba I remember you the whole day. Baba used to laugh and say,”Even I cannot remember Baba the whole day, so how do you remember Him the whole day?” Maybe we don't know what remembrance is or keeping a chart with an honest heart. An honest heart is, you really see, that when I am in remembrance, then the state of mind, intellect, our stage will be angelic. Baba said that angelic is subtle. Subtle is like Bapdada. Then how do we manage whatever we have to do? Baba said that it is like how our intellect really gets very caught up while doing, so in between, for two three minutes just become soul conscious, go in. Baba also said that it is very important to look at your self progress, Not only in your understanding, but your speaking, physically, spiritually, at all levels, one should progress. That's our aim to go higher, to be elevated, unlimited. That you know through your own inner capacities, like the power to discern. How much am i able to give sakaash to souls, Mansa Seva? How much is my ability to say whatever I am saying also getting refined?

So, Baba was saying that overall progress is very important, especially where each child wants to also be a good instrument. So you need all these qualities or qualifications, and also be able to remain very light. One of the ways is just to give your chart to Baba. Baba, today I was mostly very busy. So, Baba said, “In what?” Doing service. So, whose service are you doing? Baba's. So, how can you forget Baba while doing Baba's service? At least remember I am doing Baba Seva so you're remembering Baba. I am doing Seva, I am busy with karma yoga, I am busy in this, but you're not saying Baba’s seva. So, somewhere we need to add the word Baba, as often it can come in our mind during the day. Like this is what Baba said, this is what Baba’s shrimat is. Our Didi Manmohini said to say Baba as many times as you can. You say Baba, this is Baba’s direction, this is Baba’s task, this is for Baba, you’re making Bhog, it’s for Baba. So, remembrance and action. It should be easy because we are doing Baba’s seva, so why shouldn't there be remembrance? I think if we pay attention while doing everything, just remember the word Baba. When you remember Baba, it’s remembrance. If I am busy, I am doing things, I have so much to do. So, we asked, “What are you doing?” Baba's Seva. That's how we saw Baba, Mamma, and the Dadis. It’s Baba's work, I am Baba's child, Baba's instrument. Not like I'm sitting as a point of light with Baba. All the time that might not be practical, but at least I am thinking of Baba. So, then whatever Baba has to give me, the help needed, power needed, virtue needed, understanding needed, when you're calling Baba, you will receive it. Otherwise, you will only be doing what you're doing all the time. While creating fortune don't forget one who is the Bestower of Fortune. All the time, remember that. I think that will definitely make us angelic. Then when we give our chart to Baba, we will be happy, and Baba will be happy also.

Om Shanti

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