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Give Strength to weak souls #8

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_8 Mohini_Didi. November 8, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay? I have been getting a lot of good wishes from each one of you. I am getting better. I am always okay but the throat is getting better.

One time we talked a lot about giving sakash and receiving sakash. So we were having a discussion. I think Dadi Janki was also there and Dadi said we should not personally give sakash to anyone. I said but then how do we give? She said just be ‘light house and might house’ because a lighthouse will not particularly give light and direction to one ship. It keeps rotating, the light keeps rotating and the ships which need directions, they’ll take direction. Baba always says if someone gives you a gift, you accept it and you use it, your intellect will be pulled towards that soul. So the same could be said of sakash, you have given sakash and that soul now keeps remembering you instead of Baba. That is why I like this whole thing of blood banks. There are so many kinds of banks. That means if you want to donate something, you give to the bank, whenever whoever needs that, needs blood, it’s the blood bank will donate, otherwise if person comes to know, it’s blood of so and so has been given, it could be both ways, intellect is pulled or also internally that heaviness, knowing that person, I have taken blood from that person. It is kind of mixed feelings, some feel good but whosoever gives if it’s what person got it and it’s incognito. You will definitely get blessings right, because person is giving blessing without knowing who gave blood and who is getting blessing and I like this very much incognito because great philanthropist, they don't like their name to be known but there are some they want to be known, they want their name to be known, everyone should know this Dadi gave, this Didi gave no. And that's why I like the definition Baba gave, one is service, one is promoting the self, that is selfish. So it could happen the same way, go to that one will solve your problem, go to that one will give you strength, go to that one will give you power. Everything for me should be incognito. Even when we talk about deciding something, it should be incognito right! It's not that I’m known for any particular thing but sometimes someone is told to go to sister Mohini, she will give you good advice. So it's not that I want to be popular. Yeah, but anyone who needs it, look at Shrimat, what I do when I have to give advice, look at Shrimat, your experiences of life and based on that you give advice. It's not your advice, it’s Baba’s Shrimat.

Everything comes under Baba’s Shrimat. So the same comes to the strength or the blood or ‘when someone is physically weak, they are given a blood transfusion to make others strong or they are given a powerful injection to make others strong. So you two have to give to those who are weak and powerful souls, the cooperation of the powers and virtue that you have. Give strength to weak souls, when you give them the cooperation of your virtues and powers, they will give you blessings from their hearts’. Each one of us

know I am being sustained by the blessings of everyone because you feel strong, you are more consistent. So it’s incognito also. Like I feel I'm getting blessings from all of you but I won't say particularly which soul and what time but I definitely live the life of blessings. So it's Incognito but I must thank you all.

Om Shanti


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