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Give regard and become praise-worthy #4

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_4 Mohini_Didi November 4, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Doing well, or just okay? I am in Ahmedabad, and last night we had a beautiful program. I don't know how many of you have seen the city of Ahmedabad recently. All around the river there are very beautiful trains and walkways. So next time you come, just ask sister to take you around a little bit. It was a beautiful, very open venue and there were thousands of Brahmins. So, it doesn't cost anything, right? If you have to give a gift to someone, or if you want to give someone what they need, everything might cost money. Baba is saying that what is most important for every soul at this time is to feel worthy. That happens when you respect a person and respect is for the soul, not in a physical way. It's not because the person has a good status, or has good assets, or has a beautiful car. Respect comes from the heart, you cannot externally respect. That person comes to know. This one doesn't respect me; it is just verbal. This respect is what comes from the heart, and it could be both mercy and blessings. You feel merciful because everyone would want to be respectful or in self-respect, but some are not able to be at that stage. So, we don't have to get upset about it, or get angry at that person, or talk about the weaknesses of that person. Rather, you give respect to that soul, and it shouldn't show as if it's external or artificial. The person should feel the respect and blessing from the heart. Not just praising someone to please that person, no. You respect the person from the heart. So, blessings, respect, or mercy comes from the heart. So, Baba is saying that that kind of cooperation or that kind of offer or a gift could be very useful for the other person to feel self-respect and also being respected. Each word that Baba speaks has some spiritual significance and it does work on the personality, feeling royal, feeling belonging, feeling loyal. These are the qualities that one feels when we respect a person.

So, Baba’s slogan for today is to give regard. So, when you give regard, what do you receive? You become praise worthy. Most of us would say, “Oh, I don't really want to get praise.” Then on the other side, when you listen to the praise, you feel praise worthy. For me, if I have to listen to the praise, I just underline and say that I have to be this. I was telling the sisters yesterday there was a program that you don't necessarily need to say all that, after all we are just servers, we are instruments. Generally, I would want that we should sing the praise of God, Baba, and we are just instrumenting automatically. God’s praise is praise of His children. So, when the soul is already weak, there are limits. In every person's life, there are certain limits or weaknesses. So when a soul is already weak, then instead of looking at his or her weaknesses, give her one cooperation, some cooperation and you will receive blessings. If there is a situation, some are able to handle it, some not, but if you give a good suggestion on any kind of cooperation, they definitely give blessings to you. If you are not able to do anything else, the easiest effort is to give blessings and receive blessings. Again, blessings are when God gives you strength. You might get a long life or have a good family. You can make a list of blessings. Give regard and become praise worthy. One who gives regard is respected by everyone, and to the extent that one is respected, so he claims a right to the kingdom, and becomes wealthy to worship worthy. All of our Dadis, it was in respect that we nominated them to lead the organization. It was not their demand. There were many who had desire, but it didn't happen. So, it depends on what you have earned. Have you earned respect for you? Also, somewhere your capacities, your abilities have been seen in a spiritual way, working very well. You'll get there, status over the kingdom. So, it's very interesting for everyone to think about, and in practice, give respect. Then this is what you will receive, blessings and respect. So, it is very beautiful. It's simple, but it needs to be done.

Om Shanti


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