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Give happiness from your heart according to the code of conduct#13

Give Blessings and Receive Blessings_13 Mohini_Didi Nov 13th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba has been talking about blessings and happiness. Both have a lot of connections. Did you celebrate your new year, beginning with a lot of elevated, pure thoughts, thoughts of determination? We want to give happiness to everyone, but sometimes there is a big question, when you might have to break certain maryadas. If it's a good relationship, there's a lot of love, we want to give happiness. Then the demand for happiness is breaking certain principles. We know that the foundation and success of our life is based on maryadas.

From the very beginning, when Brahma Baba got the message of purity, there was a lot of opposition and because of the opposition many couldn't stay in knowledge, because their family wouldn’t accept. I remember, I asked Baba that if they are not happy, family is not happy, society is not happy, then what's the use? We come to knowledge for peace, love and happiness and here there are so many oppositions. You don't want to see your family in sorrow, but you also want to serve Baba, have a good spiritual life. There's always a choice, I have to decide where to go, which direction to follow. Each one of us has to look at that. All of us had to pass certain big tests, but then you have to follow certain principles, even maybe for a short time. The family and society will not be happy, but then, they will definitely accept.

Baba is saying, simply pay attention when you give happiness, never give happiness to others by breaking any code of conduct. Baba is saying that would not be accumulated in the account of happiness. You're giving happiness, but that won't be counted in the account of happiness. Baba is saying that it would accumulate in the account of sorrow through an automatic machine. Therefore, give happiness to others from your heart and also according to the code of conduct. Let it be beneficial, but from your heart. As children of the Bestower of Happiness, I am happiness. Through thoughts and words to those who come into connection and relationships, all that you give will accumulate blessings. In happiness you're giving from the heart. Generally, we do give happiness from the heart, but sometimes breaking the maryadas could be because of attachment, sometimes because of greed or ego. If you have to give happiness, but you're not following all the principles, Baba says it won't go into account of blessings. Think about it, it’s kind of a serious topic, but it will become clear. Then if there are not pure feelings, we won’t need to break any kind of maryadas, but still be able to give happiness.

Om Shanti !

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