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Give Father's Message To Every Soul In The World #26

Determined_Thought_26 Mohini_Didi February 26, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone ok? Yes? See, Baba is taking care of Avyakti Parivar very well. When you are regular, you listen, it inspires many, and when it inspires, then others join. So automatically service also happens. Here to become an engineer or a doctor or a producer, whatever it is, takes many years of education, many years of training, many years of practice. This is the same as any education, any profession, a lot of studies. Then there are some souls who could be the example for the Golden Age. In the Golden Age, what really works is satopradhan energy, which means the intellect and mind are satopradhan. The intellect is very creative, and the mind has good concentration. A few centuries ago, we didn’t have colleges, universities. Actually up to a certain age, young adults, girls and boys, were sent to some ashrams in all religions. They used to keep their energy pure, elevated, spiritual. There are many memorials, but one of the memorials which you all must have heard internationally is Taj Mahal in Agra. It's really worth seeing because it's a little bit old now but it's all made of marble, and in Agra, we have many centers. This person who created the Taj Mahal, was not educated, no degree, nothing. You would be surprised, as soon as he finished making it, the king ordered that his hand should be cut off so that he can never create another Taj Mahal. Of course it is sad, but so it was not through degrees, but it was their purity. So Baba is saying that all different people of different professions and even the uneducated ones come. I remember in India they have created what they call ‘wings’, like the medical wing. I don't think we will need doctors in the Golden Age, but what we will need, which will be like from every wing, is that some aspect of life is taken care of. So, when Avyakt Bapdada used to come, they used to give turns, today will be IT, our next meeting will be engineers, doctors, whatever. Baba used to tell them, if you are 16 or 20 professions, and now you know that they have farming, yogic farming, so many. many. I remember when it's their retreat, they really bring thousands and thousands of farmers. So Baba is saying, it's not only the educated. Engineers won't do farming and if there are no farmers you won't get food. So Baba kept telling them, bring a bouquet with different flowers.

So, when I was looking at the Avyakt signal, I said that whatever we haven't done, Baba wants us to do. To bring souls of different professions or different qualifications. When they go to the Golden Age, they carry their sanskars, but they will not study there. That means if an engineer goes or if a judge and the lawyers go there, there will be that ability in them, but they won’t have to study. One time Baba asked Didi Manmohini to do something and she said “Baba, that I have never done that”. Baba said, “You have done it. In 63 births, you have played every part. You have to emerge your experience.” So that means in each one of us, we have some sanskars, and those sanskars will be the abilities that will emerge in us because of our purity. Baba is also saying that purity is not viceless, but Satoguni. Many say, “What's the difference?” So, we say within the cycle the soul goes through Golden Age, Silver age, Sato, Rajo, then Tamo. So, Sato is like the climax. Satopradhan means full climax, then we become Sato in the Silver age. Then Rajo is kind of mixed-energy. There is purity, but still there is some impurity. Tamo in kalyug is darkness, ignorance, all vices.

In the Murli this morning, Baba is saying that to have body consciousness is a big disaster in life. To have body consciousness means you are losing your Brahman life. In body consciousness, you are very sensitive, then every vice emerges. So, soul consciousness is important. So that is the purity of soul consciousness. You could be viceless, but still the traits of body consciousness are left. To become Satopradhan, Baba always says remember Me and you will become Satopradhan. Now remembrance is something you cannot do until you are really pure. You can pray, you can meditate even, but to have that through remembrance, that should become Satopradhan and that is where Baba says that yoga is fire. It burns your alloy. What is the alloy? Tamogun and Rajogun. You could feel that internally, my level of purity is increasing, not from body consciousness and ego or attachment but this is more, whatever alloy is there in the pure gold. So through remembrance, through this fire of yoga, the alloy is melting, and we are becoming pure, pure gold, completely pure gold. So Baba wants both, Satopradhan stage, but also our specialties. Baba says that it is not a question of what degree you have, what qualifications you have, but what specialty you have. Baba is saying, so I am sure that everyone is listening and someone will take initiative and say, not only one being or five wings, let's invite all the wings.

So creating one world and to have unity and harmony, internally, that's the secret Baba wants us all to be together. Not only that one wing is very active, other less active or one has more things to offer. If they all had to come together on a stage in front of Baba, we could have done it in front of Avyakt Bapdada, but now that's not practical. We can still do some programs where we have all different classes, because it covers all different aspects of life. To create a new world, we require everyone. So it's very interesting to explore more about it. At least you know, I was telling you that when I'm in New York, just invite five doctors, you don't have to invite 50. Even if it is very small, have them get together, just invite them for tea. From there, the interest will grow. I mean the doctors, of course, we have a lot but engineers and all different professions are required. Baba is saying that to reveal Baba, we have to do this kind of service. This bouquet will create that kind of service and Baba will be revealed. There will be glorification. So when we return we all have to pay attention to not only have everyone there, but we can look into what profession they have. They all might have different professions. So by the end of the year, there should be something ready so that we can do this service.

Om Shanti


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