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Give Blessings and Receive Blessings #3

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_3 Mohini_Didi May 3, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, very well? That’s great. We have to keep well, right? When we listen to Baba, Baba reminds us of what we have, but also we need to use it in a proper way, with a proper method. All the knowledge Baba has given is in our intellects. Any knowledge, when it is changed into techniques that’s where it is useful. So we have to remember this. We listen to Baba’s Murli, then look at the method, find the method and use those methods. Baba always says that when you use the method, ‘vidhi’ then you get ‘siddhi’, or everything is successful, or everything is then accomplished. If you don’t use the right method, then you won’t be able to have accomplishment. A lot of people would ask, “How do you all do it?” We say it’s through knowledge but it’s the method from the knowledge, right? Then by using that method, there is achievement. Baba is reminding us that fast effort is required at this time to create the atmosphere. It’s interesting right, we have to experiment with whatever qualities you have and if it’s really that’s what you are, your presence will create that kind of atmosphere, whether atmosphere of love, it could be enthusiasm, or it could be courage.

I was remembering that when Dadi Janki was with us, even though they are with us in subtle form, but when she was there, there was some kind of inner courage. I don’t think Dadi had any kind of fear. Many times we used to ask her why don’t you bolt the door of your room? She said, “No, let it be open, anyone can come or go anywhere. We travelled together many times, and I know once or twice we would be stopped at immigration in a Spanish country, we don’t know the language. Dadi was sitting with so much confidence that all the officers would look at her and also for me, Dadi is there, so it’s like courage, and a lot of enthusiasm. As soon as she enters the room, you feel something, the room is charged with enthusiasm, with love, or readiness. So, whatever qualities we have, we are able to create that atmosphere. Baba is saying this is effort because sometimes it could happen that your own state of mind or your mood is not very much of enthusiasm or of peace or love. That energy spreads and then everyone becomes a little sad. At this time especially, there can be an atmosphere affected by outside the mind, and the vibrations of different people. We have to be careful,and instantly I should create an atmosphere through our vibrations. That’s what Baba is calling fast effort. Baba says that what is important is not to have any kind of rubbish in your attitude and vibrations. Rubbish definitely is something from the past. Maybe we didn't notice that the vibrations from other souls have gone very subtly in me.

Each one has to think of not only the philosophy of thoughts, but of karmas too. It is very easy to copy and start following someone's actions. A kind of energy, atmosphere that everyone started doing the same thing, but why should I do it when it's not right? It's wrong, but this one did it so I also did it. That influence shouldn't be there. Let everyone do, I will still not do. Many times some conversations happen and everyone participates but I have to be careful, because I don't want to make that atmosphere. Atmosphere is also created by conversations, by thoughts. Baba wants our vibrations and attitude to be completely pure. Baba tells us many different ways for that. Of course, we have to serve all the souls. Whenever you look at someone, always look at the speciality, not only a soul but very stable, look at the intellect, there is so much concentration and such elevated thoughts. All the time, I am sharing knowledge, and I think every soul has specialities. When I look at the specialities, it helps that soul very much. At that time, my attitude is very pure because when you think about the specialities and qualities of others, you will be able to imbibe them too. If I see someone is so peaceful or quiet or accurate, I'm looking at the quality and it's coming inside me also. Not only do I have elevated thoughts of someone's specialities, but because they are practical so the atmosphere becomes like that, Baba says. Someone wrote about an experience the day before yesterday, where she realised that even in a subtle way, when there is some attitude towards someone, you cannot take care of that person. Care for that person is only when you are looking at the speciality of that soul. It’s very subtle, and she immediately said, “Oh, I need to bring changes, I need to bring some transformation to make my attitude pure.”

So, Baba is saying that this is actually the most important service that should be done, and there should be fast efforts. Listening has a lot to do in our life. If someone says something which is not right or negative, you let go, but if that person thinks like this for me, I start thinking that way towards that person. This one said like this, but what about himself? Whatever people have to say, I always say that it’s their mouth but the ears are mine. There will always be different opinions, different comments, but Baba reminded us to look at the specialities, don't look at anything else. So, no negativity, no other waste, nothing from the past should have a place in my attitude, in my vibrations. That is why cleaning is important. Sometimes you don't see anything, you will never see this room as dirty, but whenever you clean there is some dust, actually a lot of dust in the corners. Whatever we have we have to dust, we clean it properly, regularly, but someone can just say, “Oh, it looks so clean.” So, they call it deep cleaning, regular cleaning. It is the same with our attitude, we have to check it very regularly. Am I holding this from yesterday? Yesterday something happened, am I still thinking about that, or did I completely erase it?

So this is the homework for tomorrow, we have to look into that and so you all increase your capacity to create an atmosphere. The kind of atmosphere you create is very important.

Om Shanti

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