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Full of all Virtues #22

Elevated_Self_Respect_22 Mohini_Didi June 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Baba wants us to become all virtuous. I think the children have all the virtues. Everyone has every virtue, but what is different is the percentage. We all have patience, we have courage, love and enthusiasm, but what is the percentage of each? Not only percentage, but Baba said that there should also be stability in self-respect of all virtues. It does happen that our stage of self-respect, the seat, is shaken because Maya knows how to shake this throne of self-respect. Many times, even within one second, you can see how one gets very suddenly upset about something. That means you left your seat of self-respect. So, every day I pay a little bit more attention to each virtue. The patience and tolerance I had yesterday, I need a little more today. So every day, if we improve, increase our virtues, then one day they will be one hundred percent, and that's our stage of perfection. Those virtues are also our powers in a way. Baba had been saying that as much you give, you become that also. Sometimes we find it difficult to tolerate certain situations. For example, these days I find it very important to have the power to face. The things we hear and see, something might happen that requires the power to face. As much as we keep preparing ourselves with virtues and powers, Baba's help also comes. If we have tolerance, you will see how much power Baba gives. Every power that we use, we find Baba's help there. So, Baba is the highest authority. Almighty Baba is also very humble. I have seen Brahma Baba, Shiv Baba in Brahma Baba, and Brahma Baba also as Brahma Baba, so respectful.

Once I went to meet Baba, I was 14 or 15 years old, but the way he talked to me made me feel very respected. Giving respect is creating self-trust and self-respect, and recognizing one's own part is also necessary. Not only that, but because Baba gave so much respect, we also respect everyone. We are respectful with authority, but also humble. It doesn't mean that because I have authority, I have to be forceful. Sometimes determination changes into force with the self and with others. Remember that anyone, even the youngest person among us, would want us to speak with respect. I remember everyone was saying that a particular sister didn’t do things right or do whatever I say. So I asked her why she didn't do it. She said, “It was the way I was told or spoken to. I will never do this because of the forceful way they spoke to me.” So I ask, “Can you help please do this?” Somewhere that was missing. So, I said, “It's okay, maybe that's the way the other person is." She said, “No, I will not do it if I am spoken to in this way.” Internally, we respect everyone and speak with respect. A lot of respect does make relationships easier. When we give respect, that's where our humility, our nature to be humble also becomes more obvious, and this is necessary, especially in today's time.

This is the way to inspire others, to set a good example. Baba said, “I have come as a server, but I uplift you. Before you used to touch the feet of gurus or touch the feet of older ones, but now I put you on My shoulders, I uplift you.” We should never look down at anyone, but appreciate everyone whatever they are doing, because everyone has their own role to play. I really like the homework to look at ourselves and respect everyone, because all of us are Baba's children. We offer our services to Baba with love, no one is serving anyone. Even those who are with you, everyone, remember, they are doing it for Baba. If I think, “I am the one who is giving directions’, I don't think it works. Look at everyone's love for Baba. Seeing their commitment to the Yagya, this is what is making them do whatever they're doing, not because of me. Even the slightest thought could be that because you have given sustenance or you have given course, gives you the right to speak with contempt. No, you don't have any authority, because it's their love for Baba. Appreciate and respect that love for Baba and commitment to the Yagya. This will help encourage souls to do more and more. It will give them strength and that's what Baba has done for all of us and is still doing. So, we continue with tomorrow's homework, think about it, reflect, and do it in practice. It will really bring stability to your stage of your self-respect.

Om Shanti


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