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From Brahmin to Angels And Then Deities #14

Volcanic_Yoga_14 Mohini_Didi August 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

To remain okay is the sign of progress because every day there are different scenes of drama and the cycle always moves forward. We have never seen time go backwards, it always moves forward. One of the signs of good effort is that I am okay because that means I am using the power of yoga. I am using knowledge, I'm implementing and I am also becoming the embodiment of everything. Otherwise there could be something which could affect or influence and you might not feel okay. ‘O.K.’ are two simple letters but they are like giving the answer to our efforts that yes, I am making good effort. Keeping to your timetable, your duties, your lokiks, whatever you have to do requires a lot of balance and not feeling, which sometimes we do, that it's a lot, it’s too much. I don't think I can manage that much but I am finding that you all are managing very well with a lot of love, a good heart.

I must say in front of Avyakti Parivar, I had been here for a few days. Generally our concept in India is that any senior’s visit should be a maximum of three days because there is so much to do. Then they said, maybe five days because it becomes quite intense, but the family here has been quite generous and tireless and hosted us for almost 10 days, which is quite a lot. From my heart of course, a lot of blessings and no one looks tired. That's another thing, enthusiasm is still on and everyone looks very happy.

Should we call it brahmins becoming angels? If we are moving forward, we are becoming strong and pakka brahmins, but moving towards angelic stage. Angels are also human beings, but as human beings their compassion, their love, their mercy goes beyond the limit. 365 days of the year Baba’s children keep to their personal spiritual effort and a proper timetable. There are no holidays in this university, right? Every day is a holy day, it's not a holiday. People ask how we manage without that, but we know that the more we do, the more power we get. Accumulation in the account of our thoughts, words and actions definitely gives us feelings of abundance and richness. I think from day one we start becoming angels.

Someone was asking me in this Sunday’s Murli, about all the forms in the entire cycle. I think most of us have had an experience of the eternal stage, that is incorporeal. Our home, Incorporeal world, World of Silence, because eternal form is a very powerful one, where you are free from all karmic bondages. During the day when you have to decide something, generally we respond to what has happened in the past or happening, but actually it should be the other way around. Past is past anyway, the present is moving forward but my vision should be for the future. If you go into your eternal stage what you think and say will be elevated. You will not even want to mention what happened, what is happening, but what should be happening. One thing is to say through words and another is, be in your eternal stage so that what comes from your attitude, your drishti and words is very pure, whether it is love or your peaceful nature. The eternal stage and activity in that stage prepares you for your original stage, that is of deity. From eternal to original, it's very beautiful. You feel, now let me be in my eternal stage and then either listening or responding comes from that eternal stage because that makes you worthy, capable to be in your original stage. If you are not practising the eternal stage, you can be in your original. Eternal will remove the past and you will become that image which Baba is talking of angel to deity.

How do I experience my worship worthy form? Within each one of us there is this deity form. First of all, I myself recognize that form. I remember, from a very young age, I always related my two images to myself - one was an angel another was a goddess. I always saw a little temple where this little goddess is sitting inside. I didn't know anything about knowledge, but I always connected. One of the main qualities of an angel is to serve and serve voluntarily, not if I serve I should get this or if I serve I should be awarded or appreciated. It's the nature of serving. The other is always from our heart, we bless everyone. That's the main expression of a goddess or a deity. We look within and see that form. It is becoming, emerging and it's a really real experience. First you have to create or feel your own worship form and then automatically others will also feel that.

Our homework tomorrow is, we are brahmins, then angels and angels to deity. Just as when something is put in a fire, it’s formed, you will not eat flour but you can eat chapati. That’s what happens, its form and the quality changes, so too, when you are put in the fire of remembrance of the Father and the fire of love, fire of remembrance, fire of transformation takes place. You change from human being into brahmins, from brahmins you become angels and then angels become deities. When you put cement into a mould and bake it, it becomes a brick, in the same way, transformation takes place here and this is why this remembrance is said to be volcanic, the flame and fire. Tomorrow keep reminding yourself that yes, I can change, but let me put myself into volcanic remembrance. That will work as fire, quality will change, form will change. I always say alloy also gets burned then soul becomes pure gold. Reflect on that, turn on that and experiment with that.

Om Shanti


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