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Free from “I” and “mine”#14

Liberation_ in_ life_14                 Mohini_Didi         December 14, 2023  

Bhog Message

Om Shanti. With a lot of love, I was offering bhog to Baba, and Baba, with a lot of love, accepted bhog. Then Baba gave very loveful and powerful drishti. Then after a few minutes, Baba said that whatever power you have accumulated, love, knowledge, whatever, at the right time, that accumulation you have will help you. Baba says that sometimes children are careless and they think Baba will help. Baba is Almighty, He is with us, but Baba can also help. I will give you power if you are making good efforts and also accumulating. Even lokik parents will want children to have enough of everything, but not to depend. I was looking at Baba and saying that we do depend. Baba says, “No, you all take it and whatever you accumulate, you make it your own.” Like love,  you take from Baba, but you have to become an image of love, image of peace. It's not at that time if you have to give experience or share love with others and you say, “Baba, please give me love.” Baba said, “No, whatever is accumulated, you become the image of that, and then you can give, donate, and cooperate. You can help many souls. Baba said that Baba would want children to pay attention and make constant effort. Just be natural but keep your aim and destination. When you have aim, you will definitely keep making efforts. So, Baba would say to accumulate, be an embodiment and a bestower, share with others. Baba is always your backbone, Baba is always there, but Baba wants you also to become that image, Then Baba gave lots and lots of love and remembrances to everyone. Om Shanti.

Om Shanti! 

Everyone is well, happy? Happy Satguruvar. Baba’s signals are always very subtle. Baba wants us to make efforts, to be free from the bondage of ‘I and mine’. Baba also wants to see our own accounts and be an embodiment so that we can donate. So it's like on one side, there is nothing that is mine, and the other side is my own account of accumulation. So, it's very important that I become an embodiment. Someone wants to give the experience of peace, and the image is not of peace. Even if Baba wants to give peace, Baba won’t be able to give peace, because I, as an instrument, am not peaceful. So, it is very important that I become an embodiment and accumulate. Even if Baba wants to make me an instrument, He won't be able to do it. Baba can’t give the experience of self sovereignty. When you are self-sovereign, Baba makes you an instrument. Baba wants to make an instrument, but the instrument has to be prepared and sent. You must have seen very important singers, they have a big orchestra and the orchestra matches the singer’s quality. If you are an ordinary singer then you don't need an orchestra, you can have just one harmonium or one of the instruments. So, when we qualify ourselves as Baba’s good instrument, then Baba is able to use us. So Baba says to be free from ‘I and Mine’. ‘I and mine’ makes you residents of the earth. We have to be angels. Baba is indicating that a time will come when you won't be able to serve. There could be calamities, violence, physically, so you will have to serve in angelic form. To become an angel means to become free from the bondage of ‘I and mine’. In this alokik life, ‘I and mine’ is a golden chain. I'm very good, I am a gyani soul, I am a yogi soul. This is my specialty, this is my nature. So now become free from ‘I and mine’. You have to be embodiment and have to make efforts, but on the other side, not to have any attachment, let Baba use specialties. 

Om Shanti

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