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Form of light #7

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_7                  Mohini_Didi                January 7, 2024

Om Shanti!

Lovely to see you all! We are back from Peace Village in Avyakti Bhavan. I just want to acknowledge that I think sister Hemlata is there, right? I see sister Hemlata everyday. Can we spotlight her and see her? Baba's very old friend. We started service in the Caribbean in 1976 or something. Hemlata behn, Om Shanti! Yeah, I was sent to Gayana, then Didi Manmohini sent sister Hemlata bhen. So from day one I think we both were together, did good service together. So you had also, you also had many specialities. I accepted everything that you said, and from time to time those remembrance come, and I and I use them now. We always had a loveful relationship and respect for each other. So, I see you, Om Shanti!

Many want to experience the subtle region and many ask me this question, “How can I experience, how can I go, how do we relate there?” You know everything began by just getting different visions you know. I never understood anything, that's where it began, and then sometimes like they're not talking but I'm hearing. Like my mind is listening to what Baba is saying, and then I will make it as a message. So Baba said that it will become the subtle region right here, or we have to create it, and that is possible only through pure thoughts. Here it says elevated, but actually it is pure thought. I think we need to pay attention and develop that capacity that Baba says, your thoughts should reach in the minds of others also. Whether it is communication, whether it is a task, or whether it is a relationship. It's like the other one feels like, “Oh, I am also supposed to do this, or I should be like this”, and you haven't said anything, but it's the thought reaching them. I shouldn't say it, but I used to do that a lot and then I said ‘no’ because sometimes it's a lot of effort and it could be a little disappointing when you find that the other one is still thinking in their own pattern. So Baba is again inspiring us, we call it pure thought or elevated thought, communication should be through that even the task should be carried out like this. It's just like you have different channels or stations, radio stations or television, and there is just one satellite. So sound can go anywhere, it can be captured. So it is the same when you have a pure thought from Baba, the way it transmits. These days it’s a lot of effort to do service, give courses, do publicity, but there has to be a kind of flow. It's through our thoughts that service is being created, and that kind of quality and quantity should happen now, if we again pay attention. 

So it's very beautiful, keep your form of light. Now all your activities are to happen with signals from your elevated thoughts or pure thoughts. Have such a form of light that all your wasteful thoughts and wasting of time finish. Now waste thoughts doesn't mean useless, but you keep thinking, right? Oh we should do this service, we should have this, our management should be like this, but there is not even capacity in the thought, just the desire. We want, wishes are there, desire is there, but capacity in thought is not there. So it won't happen. Baba had been saying to become double light, be angelic, your stage should be like a light house and might house. If that is there, the power is there in the thought, otherwise our good wishes remain only good wishes. It’s really powerful, wasteful thoughts, like I have a thought three times about this service, two thoughts are wasted. It should happen with one. Only the thoughts that are to happen practically should arise. So I was sharing about Dadi Prakashmani, towards the end she couldn't read the full Murli but she would come and say, “Should I share my pure thought?” Peace Village is that creation. A program for 100,000 is a creation. It's not that you have to be disappointed that you are not matching somewhere with Drama. If it's not in Drama, it won't happen, right? So what was in Drama? What did we do last kalpa? To have that thought so that when I do it, it gets done. So we still have to see those big things, magical things, miracles. We are still counting service, this many students or these programs. Baba says that you are giving the message, but you have to give experience. 

Dadi Prakashmani was passing through the USA in transit and that day there was a blackout. Generally, in New York you never heard that. So in the plane, Dadi was seeing the whole of New York in the dark but she said, “Why don't we have a centre in the USA? So she reached London, and she called me, “Why are you sitting here? Such a big country, there is no centre there.”  It's a long story but what I'm saying is that Dadi just had a thought, and we started service in New York. Very interesting with Sr. Raj who was the first one. Today we celebrated her 80th birthday. She was the only soul who used to come. So, from a one bedroom apartment which Dolly behn and her yugal were instruments to find it. Now we have Peace Village, just see the whole village, beautiful rooms. So of course we see all this Drama, but how do I exactly feel that this is what had happened last kalpa, and it’s happening now? Baba says that only then will the corporeal world become the subtle region. So it's very interesting going to the subtle region. Now we are in Avyakti Bhavan, and you make it subtle, a subtle world, Avyakt Bhavan, not only in name, but with the vibrations. So when you come in here, you get the right thought about what has to be done. 

Om Shanti 

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