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Forgive Them #7

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_7 Mohini_Didi November 7, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? How many of us realize that it is the forgiveness towards each other that is helping us to move forward? I kept thinking, “Why is Baba giving so much importance to forgiveness?” Then I realized that for each one of us, Baba keeps forgiving at every step. Not only that, but He looks at our stage of perfection, not any defects or any weaknesses. If I adopt the attitude like Baba, it will be so good that as Baba forgives each one of us, we also have to forgive everyone. So, in forgiveness there are two steps. One is not to look at the mistakes or the weaknesses of any soul, and second is to look at that soul’s stage of perfection, original stage, eternal stage. So that inspires the soul that ‘I have to become that’, and also the soul has a beautiful experience of feeling one’s own stage of perfection. It is so nice. So we have to do that. No matter how many defects a soul has, and even if they are impure souls, Baba says, without knowledge, and then in the Brahmin family, some don't make good effort. So first of all, forgive them. Just as the Unlimited Father does not keep in His heart the children’s defects or weaknesses, but instead, first forgive them. Just as the worship worthy souls forgive the devotees, similarly, you are also world benefactors. So no matter what happens, you are worthy of worship souls, the same as the Father. You too must not keep anyone’s defects or weaknesses in your heart, but first must forgive them in order to bring benefit. Baba says that this benefits the soul, and constantly keeps the original stage and form of every soul, the virtues of every soul, and the praise of every soul in front of you. Always look at that soul, the greatness of that soul. So as I mentioned, there are two steps, one is to forgive the weaknesses. Don’t keep the defects in the heart. You know it does go in very subtly. This one doesn’t do that, that one is not appropriate, that one is not correct. So forgive all that, but also then create very pure feelings, as Baba has for each one of us. Baba is saying that you are all worship worthy souls. So, your qualities should be like Baba, not only forgive, but always bring in your awareness the greatness of that soul, sing the praise of that soul, the perfection of that soul. I think that will definitely help the soul to progress, and we also feel the help from Baba. We know that we forget that we are getting power so we can move forward. So today, I am feeling much clearer about the importance of the virtue of forgiveness.

Om Shanti

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