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Forgive and be merciful #5

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_5 Mohini_Didi November 5, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lovely to see you all. Everyone looks happy and full of contentment. Baba gives us homework, and before doing homework, we try to understand. Definitely certain questions do arise, at least for me. I understand, but then I want to really understand it the way Baba is saying. Like today, Baba is saying to forgive and be merciful. So can I be merciful and forgive, or forgive and then be merciful? We can try both. We can forgive, and the heart will be merciful, or we can be merciful and then forgive. According to the present time, to forgive is to give teachings. Now that’s another point that means if I want someone to learn, then what they have been taught, you need to forgive. It is easy to be a teacher, but now forgive and be merciful. That could be a dharna, maybe it could be that I forgive, and then the other person learns. What does the other person learn? That’s very interesting. That means, if I am holding something towards someone, I’m holding the weakness, the mistake of that person, then that person won’t learn. I remember one time, Baba said that if you have taken in your heart someone’s sanskars, that soul will not take sustenance from you. There has to be that pure love, and right awareness of soul consciousness. When all that is there, then the other person will learn. It's a very subtle point. On one side we have to teach, to tell that person, ‘be merciful, forgive’. So is it to create a discipline or what? So Baba is saying, “Do not just be a teacher. Now imbibe the sanskars of forgiveness.” Now that’s another point that we need to have sanskars of forgiveness, so that it becomes natural for us to forgive. So now imbibe the sanskars of forgiveness, and will you be able to give and receive blessings. Generally people say, ‘God bless you!’ So, the ability to receive and give blessings. I think we will need to reflect on that more, right? You see how your heart becomes merciful, that you’re able to receive, and you are able to give.

Om Shanti

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