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Follow the Father! #24

Volcanic_Yoga_24 Mohini Didi August 24, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvar to everyone! Guru Baba said to be happy. It's really a good practice. I know some of you are very good in that. All of us are good, right? Then Baba had been talking about surrender and purity. So, when there is purity in attitude or drishti, definitely there will be lightness. Anything which is pure is very light, and then also surrender, don't take it with you. Always remember everything is good and it will be better, it will be the best. Baba is with us, Baba’s company. So surrender is just to let Baba take it. Then we watch the Drama. I don't know how many of you are able to experience at least something, by creating the awareness that ‘I am a charioteer of this chariot, and I have to be a detached observer’. Yesterday, I mentioned Sri Krishna and Arjun, and I thought it was easy, but actually, we are in the same situation. Once we surrender our intellect, that means I have given the reigns of the chariot to Baba. So even if it is my chariot, Baba could be the charioteer if I surrender my intellect to Baba. So, He will constantly guide us, He will take us in whichever direction is the right direction. What is needed to hand over the reins of the chariot? The rein of our chariot is our intellect. So when Baba talks of surrender, that means to give the reins of your intellect to Baba and let him become the charioteer. It is really easy to experience that Baba is the charioteer of my chariot, and it will be the soul and body both. Always keep in mind that Baba is my Guide, that I have given my reins to Baba. Arjuna was confused so many times, all his promises, his whole attitude, everything was emerging while battling, and it was Sri Krishna who was telling him to do this, and guiding all the time. So if we keep Baba as our guide, then at every step, Baba will guide us, and give us directions.

That is the homework that we have for tomorrow; follow Father, because Baba is the charioteer and Baba is our Guide. As soon as you find you are trapped somewhere, you are looking for the exit, you are very confused, you are looking for direction. It does happen on the road sometimes, you miss the exit, you lose direction and you get confused. So, you remember Baba, pause for a while, and then we know that Baba will guide us. I think you all remember the stories that Dadi told us that they used to go, in the forest, jungles, in the mountains, and sometimes they got lost. There was a lot of fog there and they didn’t know from which side to go down. They would just keep saying “Baba, Baba, remember Baba” and they would find their way and reach home. So ours is also a journey and so many different kinds of exits come, so many entrances come, and Baba is our guide. Baba as our charioteer will take our chariot and give us the right directions. So following the Father is the same. What would Baba do in this situation? What Baba’s shrimat should apply in this situation or should I just keep using my intellect, keep using my wasteful thoughts? What you are thinking could be the plan, could be Drama, it could be different, right? Then what we feel it’s all waste and this year we are tying Rakhi to say to Baba, “I will give you the gift of waste. I will not waste anything.” Baba also gave us the key to all the treasures as a gift to us, because during Rakhi time, Rakhi is tied and then in return you give gifts. So, to save ourselves from waste and follow Father, look at Baba as the guide and say, “I'm not taking anymore. I won't use my intellect. You take this reins and You guide me. Life is real, so we have to make this relationship with Baba in a real way. Baba is the Supreme Guide. As Satguru, at every step, Baba has given us sharing that protects us.

So, it's very interesting, when Baba says to follow Father. A charioteer means to be soul conscious. I am a soul and this body is my chariot, I am charioteer. So, who is the charioteer, Soul. So, when I'm thinking this way, what is my consciousness? Soul consciousness. It’s very interesting because we had been experimenting all day, but it's simple as Baba is saying that you become soul conscious. Baba says that Brahma Baba became the foremost or first soul by practicing this. So, you want to go fast and be number one, number two, what do you have to do? So therefore follow the Father. The Father entered a body, Baba enters the body and controls it, that is, he becomes the charioteer. If you don't hold the reins in your hand then you can’t control the chariot, right? This is why Baba says that Brahma Baba remained loving and detached. Such a balance, we have to be loving, we have to be detached. Maybe love will help us, so be loving and detached, have a good balance of being loving and detached. In the same way, all of you Brahmin souls need to maintain the state of the charioteer, like the Father. Shiv Baba never got attached, He used the chariot of Brahma Baba and they stayed very close, spoke Murli, gave drishti, because the biggest attachment is the body. So, we have to follow the example of Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba. When you are the charioteer of your own body, you naturally become a detached observer and remain immune to the effect of Maya in whatever you do. Maya is like a shadow, it follows wherever we go. We should only look at Maya as a shadow. If you look at shadow as real, then there is influence, there is effect. So Maya follows us, but we have to follow Baba. Let Maya follow me, but I will follow Baba so it can't stay long. Be detached, lovely, be in soul consciousness. So that will be our practice for the whole day tomorrow, that will be our homework. I think it's very clear.

Om Shanti


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