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Construct_the_New_World_9 Mohini_Didi July 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes. I keep wondering even if Baba is explaining why humility is so important, why calm and cool nature is important? Of course, Baba says to make everything constructive, to build everything because we are creating a new world, a Golden Aged world, a divine world and to create that at every step, these three qualities are very important. There are two qualities: one is cool and calm - Nirmal swabhav and other is a Namrata - humility. It seems like all the divine virtues have a connection with these two qualities because it's coming from the self-respect of who we are and what we're becoming. Even what we are at present, God's children, and we're becoming angels and then deities, so that self-respect. Of course respecting others is the same. So, Baba is saying that you have the intoxication of your self respect in your intellect but Brahma Baba was humble in actions, not only in the intellect. The Highest Father became a Server in front of children. He was so high but he had balance, and that’s how he was able to be a World benefactor. So, to be a World benefactor, what is needed is the quality of humility. You cannot be a world benefactor without being humble. You have been able to make Baba belong to you also because of His humility. You're able to make Baba belong to you because of humility. Baba became a Server with everyone. So you children should also follow the Father. As Baba became a Server, you must also follow the Father. As I mentioned that any karma yoga that anyone is doing as a family, Baba will sit there even for half an hour because it makes us feel we all are the same. Even Baba had to speak Murli or Baba had personal meetings, many types of service, but he would always sit with sevadharis. So that the feelings of the family and we all are sevadharis. So I like that, and of course that's the best way to be feeling, like it's one family, and we're doing everything together. So humility will make us world servers and world benefactors.

Om Shanti


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