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Follow Father #21

Elevated_Self_Respect_21 Mohini _Didi June 21, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, well? We always say ‘Follow Father’, but now we have Mama’s Day coming soon. So we can say ‘Follow Mother’ because then we say ‘Follow the Mother and Father’. It could be Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba, and it could also be Mama and Baba. Baba recognized Mama when he noticed the way she listened to Murli, read Murli, studied Murli, it’s like she found every word to be a treasure, every word a jewel. When she spoke Murli, she spoke with wisdom. Baba used to say that it was like she was playing music. Her self-respect really came from what Baba had been telling her. One is of course, when Baba looks at you and gives you a part. Baba gave Mama the part of Mama. To recognize your own self with your own specialty and value, brings self-respect. When you have self-respect then of course, the most important thing is that you will respect others. When you are internally uncertain about yourself and you don’t know what sanskars can emerge, then there is a lack of self-respect, and we don’t respect others. At the Confluence Age, each one of us should claim our highest self-respect. Not only self-respect, but the highest, like Mama did. No one ever said that Mama had this bad sanskar or was in a wrong mood, because I think she stayed in her self-respect. Sometimes I wonder why we never noticed their sanskars? I think it is because with self-respect, you’re able to discern how to act, how to speak. You know to connect yourself so well that you don’t allow old sanskars to come.

I have been thinking about Mama, that her self-respect was so high. For example, “I am Mama, I am Saraswati, I am goddess, I am Baba’s daughter”. There are so many types of self-respect. You know that Baba also looks at each one of us and says, “I am proud of you as a daughter. I am proud of you as my child”. Baba always felt proud for each child, but because I am not able to take what Baba is saying for myself, then sanskars emerge from the past. The more I think of Mama and Baba, I see how Mama claimed that self-respect. Each one of us should claim our self-respect so you don’t fluctuate in your stage, and you’re able to give self-respect to others. Baba will immediately find a part for everyone. Many came as young ones, and Baba gave them respect, Mama gave them respect, and that accumulated. Now they are playing beautiful parts in the Yagya, sustaining the Yagya, being part of the family, and doing everything with a lot of love. Now that they are older, they remain the pillars of Yagya. Everything they did was with a lot of love, most important is their purity and their character remains very high. Some are still forceful, some use authority even in little things. So, now is really the right time for all of us to recognize our self-respect, recognize our part. How many souls are looking at us? How many souls are looking for some kind of support? Of course, our intellect is with Baba’s seva, seva with self-respect, no tension, no fluctuations, just be consistent, very smooth, very lovely, because if not now, then when?

As the cycle turns, don’t keep thinking about the end, but we think whatever situation happens, do I come down from the stage of self-respect? When I am not in self-respect, then I notice the sanskars of others. If I see the sanskars, it will affect me and the Yagya both. As much as I am able to help other souls, that's the cooperation I am giving to everyone. Our love for each soul, our respect for each soul, not only help souls to find their role, to find their part in future, but they do it happily. To keep everyone happy, to have an environment of happiness is the culture of respect, and that’s what Baba is creating. Today, I am remembering Avyakt BapDada saying that at least a child has recognized Baba, and based on that recognition, he is following the life of purity. Purity and faith in Baba. If you look at everyone with the drishti that this is Baba’s child, and this child is determined to live the life of purity. We are in the same family, the same clan. When we do it with that love and respect, automatically it helps the souls. They will feel encouraged, they will feel belonging in the family, they will feel I am being taken care of. In lokik life, parents try to put sanskars in their children, good sanskars. So here also, we are their older brother-sisters. So younger ones or even equal ones should feel that we all are so elevated. If you think that I am in charge, I am the boss, they are all ordinary, it won’t work. We always say we all are a team. So when we say we are a team, it’s like creating a collective respect for everyone.

So whenever you find there are some souls who are not able to move forward or not able to follow what should be done, respect will help. Respect is what touches the hearts of everyone. How do I like it when I am respected or not? When I am acknowledged or ignored. Baba had said that you should keep moving forward, and I shouldn’t stop for any reason. Looking at Mama, her whole life was to uplift the respect of everyone, the image of everyone. Baba gave little young girls sustenance with so much respect. Dadi Gulzar said that when Baba used to tell us to be ‘world servers’, They would ask,”What is the world now? Where is the world?” We didn't know geography, but it touched our hearts. We have to serve the world, we are ‘world transformers’, we have to glorify Baba, we have to give the message to everyone. All Baba's versions kept emerging in them, and that was their path, that was their destination. So beautifully Baba in self-respect, gave respect and helped the souls to be victorious, to reach to their highest and their stage of perfection. Baba is saying today that many types of souls come and they all come with their own sanskars, but Baba didn't look at anyone with what sanskars they have. Baba gave them respect and said that you are from the Godly family. Even just to say you are from our family, you are part of a Godly family, and love them like your own child.

Everyone is like a beautiful swan and always picks the pearls, uses power to discern. So lovely to see each one of you in your self-respect, and drishti of self-respect. We all are one family, wherever we are. So, it's really lovely to see you all sitting like swans, beautiful princes and princesses.

Om Shanti


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