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Finish the Queue of "Why" #6

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_6 Mohini_Didi November 6, 2022

Om Shanti!

I am sure you all are well and we're very happy to be with Avyakti Parivar. While doing homework, we noticed what emerges in our mind. We know habits are quite strong, they overcome the mind. Let's say you like something to eat but you know that you can eat only little, not much. If you eat more, you will not feel very good internally. So you start eating, let's say there are four-five pieces of something, you take one, it's tasty, so there is a battle now between taste and what the stomach requires. Then I say, “Ok, one more” Then I say, “There’s only two left, so let me finish it.”Then we finish everything. So, I can see how sanskars are emerging in the form of habit. I could change that habit with determination, with understanding, using inner strength, whether it is for the mind, that is our thoughts, our intellect, or for the body. Systems of the body are always reacting to our emotions and habits. In the same way, internally, we don't want wasteful thoughts, we don't want our intellect to be just wandering around. We want it to be stable and calm, very focused, and not having fluctuations. Then the thoughts start coming like, “Why did this happen?” There must be a reason, sometimes an investigative mind is helpful, but it can also be wasteful.

Today so much was going on and I realised that meant that I could say or do a lot, but I realised that I just need to have a lot of silence. As soon as I went in silence, I felt so good and there was a lot of power. Whenever we find there is a queue of questions and worry, I think it mostly doesn't happen. The intellect and mind have a very good relationship. The intellect tries to explain to the mind or give a very good solution to the mind, but sometimes the mind might not listen to it and then it gets expressed. So we have to be very careful that when something comes to mind or intellect, it shouldn't come in words. Sometimes we play with words, but we have to be careful because Baba is saying that the sanskars should emerge in a way that the thoughts, the words and your actions all should be of good quality. They cannot be ordinary, but very spiritual. Baba is saying that if you want to be complete and perfect, then this queue has to end. Sometimes a lot of thoughts come up trying to find a solution, sometimes to get some points where you can correct it. I remembered Mama, she never had this thought of ‘why is this happening to me?’ She was a yogi soul, pure soul, she was a kumari. Even two weeks before she left the body, I met her. I asked Mama, “What are you thinking?” She said, “I don't have to think about anything, it's fixed in Drama.” I have to believe that she was not thinking, we all were thinking, but she was not thinking. That means there was no queue of questions. Her stage, the smile on her face, and there was love for all of us. You all must have heard that she was sitting with some other Dadis, and when the doctor came, he was asking, “Who is the patient?” Her face was like nothing was happening. We know she had a lot of pain in her body. I think we all should pay attention, because we all want to become perfect.

As you know, when you learn to drive, stop means stop. How many of us say ‘Drama’ but then the thoughts come back. Iit's all Drama, all are actors, everyone has one’s own part to play, how many beautiful thoughts we bring, but how much do they really work? Is it just knowledge in the intellect or it has been adopted? Are we in practical life able to use this power? What percentage of the knowledge has changed into my stage? I saw this in the Dadis, and of course Brahma Baba also is an example of this power in practical life. Today I went into silence, and also have mercy and be a bestower and that has stayed so much with me. If the soul doesn't have that awareness, how do I help a soul? I was remembering brother Ken's lesson of ‘I and mine’. In the physical everything belongs to Baba, I belong to Baba, but very subtly, to be a trustee, your language will be different. If Baba wants me to do it, I will know what Baba wants me to do, I will do. Some think that they have no attachment, they are trustees, but how do you get things done? Sometimes I will ask many sisters around, “What do you all think? Should I do that or are you all comfortable with it?” I'm a trustee, but I will do it. When you are a trustee, you get a lot of blessings from Baba and everyone. These days, to be free from obstacles at every step, one needs to get blessings from Baba and from everyone. I would recommend for all of us to finish the queue and be perfect in the sense of creating a stage based on the knowledge. That means to be embodiment, and also to be a trustee is very important. So we will do this homework.

Om Shanti


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