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Finish the Consciousness of Mine #4

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_4 Mohini_Didi November 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is Almighty but, what does He give us? Love, knowledge or peace, what does He give first? He gives knowledge with love because only love doesn't work and only knowledge also doesn't work. When He gives knowledge, it is with a lot of love because we are His children. Baba knows that we were deities, so there’s a lot of love and respect. I was thinking about how we should give knowledge. If you have to explain or tell someone something, do it with love and respect, then acceptance is there. Then in knowledge what does He explain to us? He tells us about disciplines, maryadas, karma philosophy. Then He observes how much we practically follow all that. I have to be very careful of what I'm saying and doing, then Baba helps. I thought we think Baba does everything, Baba helps but also He has certain guidelines in the sense of He cannot do more than what I have been following. Baba has given us guidelines for everything, Baba has created a lot of systems for us.

When Shiv Baba came in Brahma Baba, He created the Yagya. Someone was asking who created this system that brothers should sit on one side and sisters on the other side. Why not together? They said Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba created the system. Why does it have to be like that? One of the reasons was that even if we souls are pure, the elements are still not pure. That is why Baba always used to say, when you are sitting, your body should not touch another’s body. Sit with little distance. Now we have social distance because of the virus but Baba always used to say there are vibrations of each other, so allowing that space is very important. So many details - there was a time when people had to give contributions, they would always put in a sister’s hand, then a time came when Baba gave direction to Rameshbhai that there should be Baba’s bhandara and everyone should put in that. Now sometimes the same instruments open bhandara, but before it was a separate duty. Instruments sometimes didn't know how much or who is giving because Baba said, it's good not to know so that you don't think about who gives more or less, that subtly affects our attitude. Some do through the body, some through wealth, some through their tapasya, Everyone contributes in a different way. Sometimes you can have a lot of money but offer no help from the body, then the task cannot be accomplished.

In Murli, Baba has given us knowledge, so knowledge is light and yoga is might. Light means doing everything accurately, our thoughts, our words, action according to the light of knowledge. In light you can see things clearly. When you see, you do it properly, but then doing also requires my power. Knowledge is said to be light, might and then also they say virtue. If you have knowledge to be an engineer, you have a quality, you can go and fix any connections or when it's dark you can bring the light, that is your virtue. A doctor has the virtue of medically helping people. Same with Baba's knowledge, it helps us to help the souls to understand about their life. Whatever is happening in your life, you cannot leave anyone, it's your own sanskars, sometimes karmas. This karma, sanskar and drama are all together. Sometimes actions are based on sanskars and drama also runs based on that. Every scene of drama really has everything combined in that. I have to observe like Baba says, be a detached observer. Baba was said to be detached and lovely. I have to do it too. It's so interesting to see that the true, strong foundation in Brahman life is that I follow not only knowledge or yoga but what knowledge is teaching us.

It's very deep, the transformation of sanskars. Baba is saying today that nothing is difficult. Do we agree? Sometimes some things are difficult. When Baba or anyone is asked this question, we say nothing is difficult, but then we know. Baba is saying that what is most difficult is not the situation or what to do, but to mourn your own weak sanskars. What gets stuck or difficult in between is when sanskar emerges. It's your sanskar which is making it difficult. Baba says that is why it is important to be a moth, to burn yourself in this flame so that you finish “I and mine” completely. Since I have heard brother Ken talking about “I and mine”, I found that it's very subtle. When he was talking about ego, I thought no, we don't have ego but I find yes there is a very subtle ego and that ego creates reaction or sanskars emerge. Keep the thought that I have to burn all my sanskars in the flame so that “I and mine” are completely finished. Then your nature will change, but there is still “I and mine'', subtle ego. Immediately some reaction will come, some sanskars will emerge and that is why it's very interesting that then nature will change and when everyone's nature changes then your features will become avyakt like Brahma Baba. He always says that in golden age or every birth, whatever your features are, are based on your sanskars. It's not a question of the size of the nose or anything, but generally some have features when people see them, purity is visible, love is visible, innocence is visible, your love for Baba. It's very interesting avyakt features like Brahma Baba.

I think we will take this as homework for tomorrow - nothing is difficult. If there is difficulty that is because of my weak sanskars and now is the time to burn them like a flame. When you burn it, your nature will change and when nature changes then the features will also become very avyakt. Every word which Baba speaks, when we reflect on that word, it has a lot of meaning and also realization in us immediately, It’s true that I need to burn myself as a moth in the flame.

Om Shanti

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