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Experience the Happiness of Success #13

Embodiment_ of_ Success _13 Mohini_Didi October 13, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!!

It is so wonderful to think of Baba connecting us. It's morning here and evening there, the whole family worldwide. About 600 double foreigners are here. Everyone is taking a lot of benefit from each land. When I am saying each land I mean Shantivan, Manmohini complex, Pandavbhav, Gyansarovar they have Anand Sarovar, Mansarovar now they are making another call “Shakti Sarovar. There are two very big towers because more and more Baba’s children come. They can’t really construct much, but whatever little space they get, they construct.

It’s a big big family. Many ask, Baba, how do you manage? Baba says I don’t have to do anything, my children do everything. Even when it comes to engineers, doctors, architects, they are all Baba’s children and they all do Baba's task.

Recently they were renovating the stage in front of Diamond hall because it's 26 years old now. Some souls had the inspiration to contribute and get it changed. For two years we had been talking about it, but it was not practical. Finally they found a very famous young architect and he was very hesitant. He didn’t know where we would get money or that it is a big enough organization. Somebody told him to go and at least see what the organization is like. The first night he was not very keen on anything, but then by night time he really felt very blessed and very inspired, and intoxicated to take on the project. He said that he dreamed about three aged women. When he saw the dadi’s picture, the three dadis together, he said they came in my dream in the early morning and said we are making it, you don’t worry, we will do everything for you, in the sense of payment or whatever. He wanted to know who they were. During the day we explained to him how this is a family and these are ancestor souls. He was very fascinated and he immediately just put his people on it and quickly started building. It was already late because the session was starting, but he built it with his people. Baba gets His task done.

The front of the stage is so beautiful with new lights, a new audio system, new stage, it’s all wood floors. It’s beautiful, but now the hall looks old, so they want to paint the hall. Because thousands and thousands of Baba's children are traveling and everyone likes a little bit of space, but comfortable. We keep seeing that they get basic accommodation. Everyone is very busy.

Today Baba is talking about the happiness of success. When we are happy, we are definitely very successful. Baba is asking how we feel the experience of happiness of success. The main basis of attaining success is that every second, every breath and every treasure is used in a worthwhile way. Baba is saying whatever you wish to experience, success in your thoughts, words, actions or relationships and connections, continue to use all of these for yourself and for others in a worthwhile way. Do not let anything go to waste and you will automatically continue to experience the happiness of success, because to use the happiness of success in a worthwhile way means to become an embodiment of success at present and accumulate for the future. Every word of Baba’s has so much explanation, especially when you use it in a worthwhile way. It’s not only what you receive now, but also for the future.

Om Shanti.


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