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Every action filled with virtue #21

Sweetness_and_Love_21                Mohini_Didi                February 21, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge and plays His part as Father, Teacher, and Satguru. So the way He gives knowledge, then what is required by a good child? Baba has to make the children worthy, not only just values, but make them sensible and mature. Also, ones who glorify the Father, as it is said ‘son shows father’. So, anyone looking at us should feel it, or when we say we’re children of God, they say, “Yes we could feel that.” Many people do say that He gives us wisdom. Baba had been teaching for so many years, even the same points, but unlimited wisdom. I like very much the point today in which Baba is saying that every action should be filled with a virtue. Now this goes first into our thinking. Let’s say we have to go and give a lecture. So, how do you prepare points, what I want to speak, which points I am going to share, but internally, is there brotherly vision, is there sweetness? Through your virtue, you create your image. That means that virtue should be visible through your eyes, through your face. It’s very interesting, I think we do pay attention, this is something very different, very new to keep a virtue emerged while doing a task. Let your every action be filled with a virtue that any time whichever virtue you need, let that virtue be visible in an emerged form on your face and in your behaviour. For instance, when performing actions you need the virtue of easiness and sweetness, whether in your words or actions. If instead of easiness and sweetness, there’s the slightest force or because of tiredness, if your words and your face are not sweet but serious, that would not be said to be full of virtues. Whatever the circumstances, my virtues have to be in the emerged form. It could be sickness, as Baba mentioned, it could be tiredness. Some people, their pain is so visible on the face, so others will start expressing sympathy and say, “Oh, I know what you're going through.” If you maintain faith and tolerance and your face looks very well, and people have heard that your body is not well, but when they meet you, they come in front of you, they find that you look very well. So they would say, “Oh you look so well.” 

You all know that our Mama, when she left the body, was very young in her 40s. So Mama was in pain but it didn’t look like she was in pain. So when it was her moment, we had to call a doctor. So there were 3-4 Dadis sitting around Mama. Mama was in bed or I think sitting on an easy chair. So, the doctor came and he looked around, he said, “I want to make sure, who’s the patient?” So they said that it was Mama. They looked at Mama’s face, and because of her faith and her stability in Drama, we asked Mama, “What are you thinking?” Mama said, ‘Drama’. She had this pure thought that I am settling my karmic accounts. So the word settling, if you have taken a loan and you are able to settle, you feel happy. I am settling, or I am becoming perfect, whatever is happening to the body, the soul is becoming perfect, so what will be the expression on the face? I am going to Baba, Baba is calling me. So these beautiful thoughts will show the signs of victory, the virtue of victory. Your face will be sparkling with the power and the virtue of passing with honour. So it’s very interesting, but all these things that Baba is saying we have to experiment. So you are doing double service, you are doing something, a lot of work, but there is enthusiasm. They will say that she was doing it with so much joy, she was really doing it properly. So, I think that it’s a very beautiful way to show that Baba is the One, not only the Ocean of Knowledge, but the Ocean of Purity, Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace. As Baba is full, I am also becoming full, I am becoming like Baba. A lot of virtues will emerge, and Baba says that virtues should be in the emerged form. I like this point very much.

Om Shanti 

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