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Equanimity in praise and defamation #5

Updated: Apr 27

Harmonizing_Sanskars_5                 Mohini_Didi                   April 5, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba gives us so many easy deep points to create what we call equanimity in our stage. Actually the definition of yogi also means to remain stable, very calm in various diverse situations, and stable in praise and deformation. Someone says praise to you, you will feel very happy, you feel proud, you feel worthy, but if you are defamed or someone talks against you or criticizes you, your stage fluctuates. Sometimes some souls even have low self trust, but Baba has given the practice of soul consciousness. Whatever my part is, whatever I am externally, I am playing my role, but internally, originally, I know I am a soul, I am loveful, I am peaceful, I am pure. So, I am maintaining purity, purity of thoughts, words and actions, and I am not doing anything that involves any vice. Then, if someone criticizes or says something that is not right, I say, “Oh, I have been defamed, I have been blamed.” However, we don’t take that blame because it’s not right, or you don’t take responsibility for anyone’s comments, it could be good intention or wrong, but I shouldn’t allow my thinking, my image to be seen as said by someone else. So as much as you remain in soul consciousness, your self-respect will be very stable, whatever anyone is saying, it will not bother you, rather, you become introverted, look at yourself, you see where I need to be. Give corrections to yourself, improve yourself, but don’t doubt yourself. So, it says to have equanimity in praise and deformation. You will be loving to one another when you harmonize sanskars and thoughts with one another. However, be cautious, but your stage is not dependent on praise, otherwise you will continue to fluctuate. Many children want the fruit of whatever they do. If they are praised, their stage remains good, if someone defames them, they become like orphans. Baba says that they put aside the stage and move away from everyone. However, when you maintain equanimity in praise and deformation, there won’t be any conflict of sanskars, no argument or discussions, no conflict. So to be consistent, be in self-respect, and always think of what Baba says for you. We know that there is either ego, or there is self-respect. Baba makes us free from ego by being soul conscious. So, it's a very interesting factor, so that you can be stable, consistent, whether you are praised or you are defamed, it will not bother you at all. So, Baba is saying that we should have equanimity.

Om Shanti

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