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Embodiment of the eight powers #5

Updated: Apr 1

Become_Carefree_Emperor_5                 Mohini_Didi                 March 5, 2024

Om Shanti! 

A king is the one whose treasure stores are all full. So, at the Confluence Age, all our treasures should be full, full of knowledge, full of virtues, full of powers. When all the powers and treasures are full, you are carefree, and there is no sorrow. Baba wants us to have all the attainments, and when there are all attainments, Baba says that you are free. So, Baba said that we should become the embodiment of eight powers. There are eight main powers,  but there are many other powers. You now have the attainment of all the powers, and so you are a carefree emperor. However,  if due to some bad company or because of being influenced by any of your sense organs, Baba says that  you lose the intoxication and happiness of being in the land of without sorrow. Just as those emperors become bankrupt. As we have the powers, Baba says that by being subservient to Maya, you have lost your sovereignty and become bankrupt. Therefore never forget the awareness, I am always an embodiment of eight powers and the emperor of land without sorrow. Baba talks about many treasures; some are knowledge, virtues, and powers. So we are the masters. Self-sovereignty is very important, and the self sovereign should have all the powers. It is very interesting when you think that any situation comes, I need more tolerance and I need some more patience, or I need the power to merge. So now whenever there are some adverse situations, think which power will make it very easy and make it full. I think you will find that you are in the land free from sorrow. Self-sovereignty is important. 

Om Shanti


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