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Elevated Treasures #17

Embodiment_of_Success_17 Mohini_Didi October 17, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are all okay, making good efforts! Baba is sharing the secrets. Baba is sharing with us the value of our own thoughts and time. Baba really makes us think, because we know that we have unlimited treasures of thoughts. How many thoughts come in the mind, and definitely when we are thinking, time is also going. So we have to see the whole day, pay attention to how to properly use the thoughts. Is it by thinking less, is it by using the power of silence, or what are the different methods? I was thinking that maybe Baba wants each of our thoughts to be used in service. That when there is a thought for someone, to remove sorrow and give happiness to that person. So that thought needs to be very special. That's a good practice, to be free from sorrow and be happy. So, when I have that ability, then when you share that thought with someone, as soon as you share the thought, the other person will have that experience or that attainment. It could be for our own self, but as much we do for others, that becomes service. So we have to look into how many are such thoughts that could serve. If someone is suffering because of any reason, then your thoughts should be able to help that person. The day before yesterday, a group of young people came and they said that they are doing a lot of service. They have hundreds of groups in which they try to churn knowledge. So my question to them was, “What is the benefit of churning? What’s the use of that?” So, I was sharing with them that if their thoughts change into power, their thoughts change into remembrance of Baba, what are some special attainments? Then it’s alright to do what they are doing! You all can think about that too.

So, Baba is saying to use the elevated treasures of time and thoughts that you have in a worthwhile way with the method of greater glorification with less expense. Sometimes we go to buy something, and it is good quality but you got it for a reasonable price, so you say that I spent less but got a lot. So Baba is saying to let there be less use of thoughts but let there be greater attainment through that. The success or attainment that an ordinary person can achieve after two to four minutes of thinking can be achieved by one of your thoughts in two seconds. In the same way, in your words and actions, let there be less usage and greater success. Then, there will be wonder. Try to reflect on that. When somebody asks you something about their problem, as soon as it goes in, within a few seconds, the answer comes and you share that answer. So, the purity in the thought, love in the thought, or any quality accumulated within the thought can be given in a very short time. So, the more we reflect, the more clear it will be and experiment with that and see how you feel.

Om Shanti

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