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Easy Gyani, Easy Yogi and an Embodiment of Easy Dharna #18

Transformation _of_Old_Sanskars_18 Mohini_Didi. November 18, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Life is to be an embodiment. It is through being an embodiment that all our virtues are visible. When we are the embodiment, then through our activities and nature, it is visible what is within the soul. Let's say there is a gyani soul and he speaks knowledge but is not embodiment of it or sits in yoga for many hours but is not an embodiment of virtues. If I want to be an embodiment then I have to have the foundation of knowledge. Baba said easy knowledge. I find that if you have purity, you are in the stage of soul consciousness and you have concentration, interest and understanding to an extent that you can make it practical. There are many scholars who have so much knowledge, they can give lectures for hours but then when we look at their life, it doesn't resemble that, it looks very different. We look at others through their character and activities. If whenever you sit you start talking about other people, gossiping, will you be called a gyani soul? Whether it is yoga or knowledge Baba is saying it should be natural.

Brahma Baba was a householder, he did a lot of worshiping and had many gurus, but as soon as he heard knowledge and especially the big transformation that I am a soul, not body, an instant natural easy transformation happened in his life. He started looking and all his family, everyone as the soul, so his relationship completely changed. When it changed what he was talking to everyone about was soul and Baba, that is when the family got transformed. Then Baba gave them the choice, you want to stay with me, follow the path I am following, then you can continue but if you don't accept, don't agree then, it’s fine. He didn't have problems with those who didn't want to follow, if that's the way you want to live, that's your life, it’s fine. It was because there was no attachment. When there is attachment, you keep thinking when will this soul come into knowledge? When will my relatives understand or how will my family get knowledge? Of course, have good wishes, pure wishes that everyone takes knowledge but intellect shouldn’t go to that all the time. If we follow accurately, others sooner or later start following because they see the result in your life. Your nature, behavior, interaction with others, everything has changed so much, it's very peaceful and also successful. Others get inspired and they start following. I myself have this experience of looking at everyone as a soul, playing their own part. Mother is mother and she will play that part but I look at her as soul and accept her part. Any relative, we have these good wishes of them as souls and then automatically this transformation, from body consciousness to soul consciousness happens. Then my conversations with them, my giving and taking with them changes.

When Baba visited his daughter Nirmalshanta Dadi, she was married. Generally, whenever he went to visit her, he would take a lot of jewelry, but this time when he went, he didn’t take anything. She was a little bit shocked because she was expecting him to bring jewelry. Baba started talking about knowledge, so when she asked, Baba said this time I have brought real diamonds, I have brought diamonds of knowledge for you. It was a little bit shocking for her but later on when she understood the message that Baba was trying to explain, she was so happy because she had so much jewelry and she knew that it is just her greed or attachment that she expected her father to bring jewelry all the time.

Relationships change, our expectation of each other before coming to knowledge was always material. What gift you have brought, how much money did you bring? When there are soul-conscious relationships, our expectations from each other are more of sharing valuable jewels of knowledge. Some aspects of practical life, some aspects of karma philosophy, whatever knowledge I have understood, whenever wherever we sit, we will only talk about that. Our sharing will be spiritual because our relationship now is a spiritual relationship. Knowledge makes it practical. Baba says, easy knowledge. To read scriptures, Vedas and Upnishad, we have to learn Sanskrit, it's not easy to understand. Baba’s knowledge is simple language, everything simple, that’s why Baba calls it easy knowledge. You don't have to learn Sanskrit or anything else to understand knowledge because knowledge means “samaz”. Understanding and yoga means relationship with Baba. Once you know your relationship with Baba, it becomes very easy, you have good relationships with others. My relationship with Baba and with others, will become easy relations of love, kindness, sharing and mercy. My relationship, that is yoga, becomes easy and Baba is saying if both are easy, it will be easy to inculcate all the virtues naturally. You won't have to struggle.

Tomorrow we will take this homework and reflect on each point. Look at your life, is knowledge easy for you? Is yoga easy? Based on that, is becoming the embodiment of all the virtues easy for me? We understand, we believe but it's only when we experiment and have experiences that whatever we share with others, is with authority, means in a natural way. It's a very beautiful point - easy yogi, easy knowledge and easy embodiment. Anything difficult you can’t do all the time. It is when something is natural and easy, based on that you can continue to progress, be consistent and have those experiences in life.

Om Shanti


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