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Easy and active #19

Harmonizing_Sanskars_19      Mohini_Didi                 April 19, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Whenever Baba says something, it is like we are asking ourselves. Baba wants us to ask ourselves, but also, it becomes like the method and the direction to move forward. So the question Baba is asking is how do you find it? Everything is easy, and you are an actor, but also in Murli Baba said that you all should collectively have one thought. That is the power of the gathering. That thought should be that we all have to become karmateet. We all have to go together, and we have to go with Baba. If we keep repeating that thought, I’m sure we  will collectively become karmateet, and because we know the kingdom, when Baba says to look at the kingdom, it is not one soul or two, it will be all of us together. So, if you want the kingdom to be established, then we all have to collectively make a similar kind of effort, and that is to have one thought; we have to go with Baba. I like this very much, and many times people say, “Oh, you are becoming karmateet, but what about me?” If Baba has to take us with Him, we also have to have thought to go with Him. So if Baba has to take, then He will help, especially to become karmateet. Baba is saying that it’s not just that you have to settle only your account, but you have to help all other souls to settle their karmic accounts also. So, the signal, the direction Baba is giving, is to become easy and be active. Brahma Baba, even with his age, he was very active, he would not neglect or avoid or delay, he would just do it, he had to do it. One time they noticed that they were digging the well but water was not being seen, so Baba thought ‘let me go down’. Baba was going down and some of the sisters noticed that and said, “Baba you cannot do that.” Baba said, “I’m just going to see why water is not coming.” For us, it was very risky for Baba to go down, but Baba was easy and active and was always a good example. So, Baba is saying that in order to perform the dance of harmonising sanskars, make your nature easy and active. Why are there difficulties? Baba says to make it easy, and if you are easy, you are active. Is it the mind, is it the reality that something is easy and we make it difficult? I also like when Baba is saying that we have to be light. How will it happen? Who will do it? No! It will work out. If you yourself don’t remain easy, then you have to face difficulties, then you see your sanskars and your own weaknesses as difficulty. So everything is within the self, but now keep the aim that I will have to be light, and I have to be easy. Then others are also inspired, they also want to do it. If it is difficult, and they see us giving up, then others will also not be inspired. So we always have to remember that nothing is difficult. Just make it easy and remain very very light. 

Om Shanti

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