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Easiness and Tolerance #02

Sweetness_and_Love_2                 Mohini_Didi                February 2, 2024  

Om Shanti! 

Baba’s easy children right, everything is easy, easy nature. Every difficulty, Baba said today, there is no problem, become the image of solutions. Keeping in mind Baba’s words will bring the strength and power to do what Baba is saying. Yes Baba, it will happen and I am sure the experience will also be that everything is easy. The homework which Baba is giving us for tomorrow is easiness and tolerance. Yesterday, Baba said the quality of serenity will bring all the virtues. One of the virtues which Baba Himself is describing, is the virtue of tolerance. Some find it very difficult to tolerate people’s nature, behavior, and the way they speak to you. This morning Baba was talking about self respect. God has given us respect, given us so many titles. So maintain that self-respect. First thing is that no one will be able to do something which is wrong in front of you or say something. Sometimes it does happen, could be misunderstanding or someone comes in and starts shouting at you and you don’t know why this one is shouting. Though you remain very cool and easy, and really have sympathy for that one, but why is this one so upset? What is the reason? It is the same physically, like some people feel like vomiting, must be something there, some virus, stomach upset, headache whatever. So, if there is anger, there must be something within the mind and intellect of that person. That person needs help. So there is no need to even tolerate right, because you are not the cause. I remember one time we were talking to Dadi Gulzar, and that someone said, “I don’t get angry, but the way this one said something, I got angry.” Dadi said, “But that means there is a sanskar of anger in you. If you didn’t have the sanskar, no one could provoke you.” Baba is saying that you should be very cool, goddess of sheetladevi, coolness. You know that we come across so many people with different natures but they all need help, we have to serve them. 

So today the homework Baba is giving us is that easiness should bring tolerance. In the images of Shaktis, the virtues of both easiness and tolerance are shown, easiness and sweetness automatically come through tolerance. Now make both of these virtues exist equally. To the extent that you have volcanic form so to that extent be the form of coolness. Let your face have coolness and be a volcanic form in your actions. Let there always be a virtue of sweetness in your attitude, words, and actions. When you are sweet, you save a lot of energy, but when you are not sweet; a little bitter, a little stronger, a little forceful, it takes a lot of energy, and you don’t feel happy. If you are easy, you are sweet, you tolerate, then you feel inside very not only cool, but very comfortable. We have to cultivate more energy, not spend more energy. Going up and down in our mood, in our stage, takes away a lot of our power, but if you remain stable and calm then definitely you save energy, and a lot of capacity remains. Any kind of bitterness really affects power to discern, power to decide. So keep your vision very clear, no fear, no worry, 100% faith in Baba, and you see how your third eye, farsightedness will help you. Okay, that’s the homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti



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