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Easily Be Able To Share And Accept Ideas #1

Construct_the_New_World_1 Mohini Didi July 1, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, everyone is okay? Every scene of the Drama unfolds and it has its own beauty. This is first time we are arranging an avyakti parivar retreat and the first one with small children and youth. There are over 60 of them and their parents. It is very beautiful, and seeing each other personally is different than on zoom. How many of you think that you have a calm nature, sweet nature? Can I see hands, how many of you? Who will give yourself a certificate that I am very calm inside, never get upset, never get disturbed? Circumstances outside could be disturbing, challenging, and we have to keep our nature very cool and calm so that we don't just react or say anything that is not proper. I have been practicing this a lot because you know there is so much variety of souls and seeing some drama, but we have to be detached observers. Then I start seeing the connection of that calmness also with purity. Baba is talking about when there is pure gold there is no alloy there. So, today Baba is saying that if we have a very pleasant, calm and sweet nature, we could be very much in sharing with each other different ideas, experiences, thoughts. It's easy to share if you are tight in nature, then if you are sharing, whether you are not trusting, whether you are not open, that easiness is not there. Baba is saying that when you have a pleasant and sweet and calm nature, then it is very easy for you to share. See if after sharing if you feel that my thoughts have to be acknowledged. Some of the thoughts are immediately accepted because they are practical, could be implemented, and there are some thoughts we find are not very relevant because we also have to be very careful that what we are doing is according to shrimat. Whatever we do according to shrimat will be consistent, everlasting, but whatever we do through our mind is not sustainable.

Baba came and started the Yagya. Everything becomes successful if we follow Baba's shrimat. So what if this alloy of mine, my name, didn't come. Where is mine? It's Baba's. So internally, always have this thought so you can be a good trustee and you can be a good instrument. Baba is establishing a new Golden Aged world, and Baba wants us to be the masters. Being a master doesn't mean that you become possessive of anything. We are masters, we are children, we create a good balance between child and master so that we can remain very light. We take responsibility, but stay very light. So humility is very important. When there is self respect there is humility there, no ego. So I connect very much with our homework of last month in which Baba is saying, have self respect and respect others. So respecting others is something very important. Now we have to do homework and look at our nature, but purity of thoughts will make it work. Think about it, my nature should become calm, cool, very sweet, gentle, so that you can be a good humble instrument in creating the new world.

Om Shanti


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