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Double Light #09

Liberation_ in_ life_9       Mohini Didi                       December 9, 2023  

Om Shanti!

Everyone in Avyakti Parivar, Om Shanti. Is everyone well and okay? That's good. Is it because of your blessing that you are well, or you keep yourself well so that you get blessings? When we are listening to Baba, we are listening to Avyakti signals. We’ll be trying to listen, understand and look at ourselves and do the checking. Whatever Baba is saying, will I be able to do it at the right time? By practicing what Baba is saying, I think all of us have different ways to listen. When Mama was not too well and we knew that she would not be in body for a long time, some of us went and we asked her what she was thinking about, like something on the body. Mama was so firm on Drama and she immediately said, “As long as Baba has to use this body in this way, Baba will use it, otherwise, the part will change, and the soul will still be playing the part.’ I couldn't forget the way Mama said it. It was not just knowledge from the intellect, but it was her stage, the way she had practiced bodiless stage to an extent that she said, “Oh, I will take another body to play the part depending on Baba and Drama.” So what I noticed with the Dadis the way they heard knowledge and they practiced it, they were 100% very stable and firm in that stage. I think that's what we all would like to become, right? Not only do we know and understand, but there is not enough practice. Baba keeps giving us many ways, so that we can practice, nothing is left as just understanding. 

So, this month is about becoming free from bondage. I was mentioning in Hindi before,  that there is ego of the body and then other is body consciousness. Sometimes ego shows in body language, the way they express themselves is always like an ego of the body. They will display some things through their attitude , and then in actions, that is body consciousness. Today Baba is telling us how to become free from bondage or becoming liberated. How will I know? Baba says that one of the ways is that you will be double light. So do I remain double light or I feel a little bit heavy? While performing actions, always remain double light. How many of you think you are double light? Raise your hands. Always remain double light and free from the bondage of karma. It is not that you are doing something wrong all the time. You're doing karma yoga. A few days ago, Baba had said very nicely that one is Drama, but also action pulls the intellect. Even when you have done action and then think, “I shouldn't have done it. Was it right or not?” So, Baba called it ‘bondage of action’. That means thoughts are still with the action. One of the practices Brahma Baba did is that after Murli, Baba would come out of the hall and some of us would walk with him to his room. Whatever Baba had to say last kalpa, Baba said it and moved forward. With us, even after a lecture, we say “Oh I could have given this point, I should have said this.” Some thoughts continue with the action, but to put a complete full stop to what I have already done, I should have done this way, maybe I shouldn't have, but you can change it, right? You did it, you had to do it, it's Drama, you can’t fix it now, move forward. So that kind of sudden bondage with subtle action you have to look into that the dress of your body not be tight, how much effort it may require, tight body, tight dress. To be free from bondage, means to have a loose dress, maybe sari is the best. As soon as you receive an order, you become detached from the body, bodiless stage. 

I sometimes think that detachment is not something you can force, but it comes with a real true understanding of knowledge. If you are attached, you are creating some kind of dependency, whether it's attachment with you or someone else attached to you. That creates some heaviness. You could always have subtle fear of what will happen if you are attached and then you become detached there will be fear. So we have to subtly become detached. Baba gives the example of a lotus flower. Lotus flowers can never be detached, it is above. If you cut the lotus flower and detach it from the roots, it won't survive. It only remains beautiful when it's still connected, still attached, not detached. So one time Baba was asking Dadi Janki, “Do you remember your student?” Dadi said “How can I do that? Baba asked us not to remember.” Then he said, “If you don't remember, how will they feel the pull?” When you think of them, they will be awakened, if they are lazy, their enthusiasm has been lost. When they are in any difficulty, are you thinking of them? Then is it because of attachment, or is it mansa seva? It is very subtle. Also, because they are Baba’s children, they should be sustained. So the word detached is something that we have to understand properly. As soon as you receive the order, you become detached from the body and become bodiless. In the final moments, you should not remember even your body, otherwise as soon as you think of the body, all the other relatives and the body possessions of the body will come after you. That means they all will appear in your intellect. Do you all feel that way that it does happen? Baba says for this not to happen, for this, remember the promise, one Father and none other. Love for everyone, but belonging to one. Your intellect is left only with one and you will become free from bondage. So we have to keep trying, keep practicing. Am  remembering Baba completely so my intellect is free from everything else, or when I'm remembering Baba, do other things are also happening in the mind? 

So I think it's more like looking over a chart of the intellect and looking at our mind and how it works. So if we want to be free from bondage, that is our inheritance of jeevan mukti, life with no body. I mean, just imagine, you are in the body and not attached to the body because when there is attachment you lose the energy, the power to sustain. When you are detached, you can help, when you are attached you cannot help, you think we are helping but it doesn't happen. That is why I like the word ‘beyond’ more than detached. Just go beyond everything. Scenes of Drama keep changing. So use different aspects where you are detached. So avyakti signals to become free from the bondage of actions. You are about to get into your first birth of jeevan mukti. 

Om Shanti

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