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Discipline Remembrance #11

Volcanic_Yoga_11 Mohini_Didi August 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

I was revising the murli and Baba said if there is tolerance, everything will be successful. Another virtue with tolerance is serenity “sahanshakti and saralta”. I like that because if you are not serene you will be bothered. You won’t be able to let go and keep saying, ‘why do I have to tolerate, why does this one have to be like this’, a lot of wasteful thoughts. If you are serene and think, ‘this is this one’s nature or way of saying things’, you would not take it in. Sometimes we use the words power to merge, we try to merge, but every time it comes again. Somebody said I try to forget but it keeps coming back again and again so I thought of serene nature, saral swabhav. I think it’s a very good virtue because Baba we say is the Lord of Innocence. ‘Bholapan’ it’s not naïve. You are not budhu, but you are bhola. Budhu is not we don’t know and an innocent is bholapan. Baba knows everything, but the way Baba comes in front of us, He doesn’t know and that’s what we have to do. In our attitude, don’t keep anyone’s mistakes or anyone’s weaknesses, be very pure and really give a lot of energy to souls.

One time one soul made some big mistakes and small mistakes. I came to know and I was in Madhuban and he took drishti. When he left, someone told him that Mohini Didi knew about this. He said didn’t feel it from the drishti and that gave him life. Who am I? I am not a judge. Baba has to look at everyone’s chart. Even if I know, but like Baba, give drishti and through drishti, we feel our perfect stage, our final stage. Has anyone ever felt any anger from Baba’s eyes? Baba’s drishti? Never no, Ocean of Love, Lord of Innocence, World Benefactor, Bestower. Baba said we have to be like Baba. It takes time, but now is the time. We can not keep saying it takes time but we can not hold anything in our attitude about anyone. It’s this nature so that everyone can approach, talk and feel light. It's very important.

Yesterday was a very nice Avyakt signal about going into details but still staying in the essence of everything. When a lot of people talk, I remember they say ‘Akhir Baat kya hai’, what is actually the matter? Everyone has different interpretations, different understandings, different ways to say things. Then we say, but ultimately what’s the point? We stay in our essence form, in our nature. Then Baba says detach while doing actions ‘nyarapan’. These are like practices, dharna, and then this will help you to have good concentration. If things are left in the mind or in the intellect, they keep coming back in the thoughts. Sometimes what you have in mind, just say it if you have to tell someone. If you keep it there then it comes again and again. Didi Manmohini used to tell us to write down whatever thought you have. At the right time, read it and tell, but if not then you again think, I have to say this, this one has to do for this one. Instead of remembering Baba, your intellect is wondering, even it’s not negative. To ignite the flame of remembrance, volcanic remembrance is what is important to have concentration.

Volcanic form of remembrance is a collective way. You need to have a volcanic form of remembrance in a collective way, that is why amrit vela is there, but evening yoga is very important. We turn on Avyakti Pariwar yoga at 6:00pm. We always turn on television and those who are around come and sit and watch. Very beautifully they have Avyakt Bapdada, then they have different kinds of commentaries, sometimes the practice of five forms. There is always something on screen from 6 o’clock until the end. Then the series begins so the whole atmosphere of the place also becomes very active. Only volcanic remembrance will make the atmosphere powerful so that weak souls will be filled with power. There are always some who can benefit. All obstacles will easily finish in the fire for the destruction of the world. We are doing yoga anyway, remembering anyway, why not do it properly? That’s volcanic, full concentration. Full concentration is when your mind, intellect and heart are in the same place. If all three are of different interests in different places, then there can’t be concentration and it won’t ignite the flame. When it won’t ignite the flame then automatically you know that it won’t be volcanic remembrance. Everyday Baba, little by little is clarifying what dharna is required for the fire of yoga.

Om Shanti

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