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Direct child of the Father, number one child #25

Elevated_Self_Respect_25 Mohini _Didi June 25, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy to see you all! I was thinking that when we meet the Avyakt family, we look at each other and we feel happy. Why do we feel happy? Just seeing each other or there’s something else? You can think about it and later on we will give you a chance to share in the chat box. There is a lot of inner happiness, joy, strength and togetherness. We had been giving ourselves homework of creating elevated self-respect and giving respect to others. Baba is saying that each one is the number one child. Do we look at everyone as a number one child? When I think of Dadi Prakashmani or Brahma Baba, the way they loved everyone, even if our roles and duties can be different. We all have been given different roles to play, different parts to play, but actually, we are all one. When I look at renunciation and tapasya, everyone is making good spiritual efforts. I feel so happy. Some will cook, some will do laundry, different people will do different things, but if sometimes the attention goes in a different way, the thought comes, “What about me?” So if we create a culture within the Brahmin family, that whatever anyone is doing, that child is a number one child. Baba has chosen that child, so that child has been given that part. There are certain jobs even in different countries which are not considered to be high class jobs, but the salary they get is such a decent salary that at least that one, that soul, feels needed in society. Everything that everyone does is required. If your roads are not cleaned for a whole week, how will you feel? Anything that your gardener does, if that is not done, how will you feel?

I always feel that whatever anyone does, they always need love and respect. If you share that, they will do, not only a good job but they will not hurt you, they will try to cooperate with you, otherwise internally they think about taking off more days, not to do things properly. All that is happening because of us, not giving from our self-respect, respect to others. Sometimes we are not able to see everyone as a number one child because of body consciousness or ego. So my self-respect as an adopted child of Baba, the same respect has to be given to everyone, because no one is higher, no one is an employee. All are Baba’s children, and each one of us, because of love for Baba, recognition of Baba, and also recognizing one’s own self esteem, self-respect, we come forward and surrender our lives in Baba’s service. When you hear the stories of each one who is doing any kind of job, the story is when I found Baba, when I loved Baba, I loved purity, I decided to spend my whole life serving Baba and serving the Yagya, serving the unlimited world. So there’s only one voice, one sound that you will hear from everyone, and actually now is the time. Otherwise, if even there is a little bit of lower-higher, new-old, age group, then souls will start doing things that they should not be doing. Then who is responsible? We are part of that because we didn’t give them that number one child self-respect.

Baba said to see everyone as a number one child. Everyone from different corners of the world have been chosen as the child of Baba. We need to pay attention and follow our Baba and Dadis in the way they love everyone. Maybe moneywise some are rich, some are poor, but if there is a lot of money and no one is there to cooperate or help, what will you do with the money? People are important and necessary. I'm not saying money is not needed, but it is not enough to measure a person based on wealth. If a person has honesty, love, obedience, and having self-respect, then automatically the resources will grow. So never think respect has to be given based on what a person has. Every soul, everyone's heart is touched by respect and love. Always remember that Baba chose you. I found two things in myself when I came to gyan: one is, there was a lot of internal deep love with the Creator as my Parents, my Friend, my Guide. Secondly, love for service. I remember as soon as I became a young adult, I loved to help people, serve them. Actually there was a time that our neighbourhood was like a community, a big extended family. So love for service was really one of the things, and then I realised when you help someone physically, it is very limited. How long and how far, how much can you give? If somewhere they understand that they can create their fortune. Once they understand that the soul is immortal and how they can create their fortune, it becomes unlimited service. All the time, any time, they will continuously create their fortune.

There should be this pure feeling when we give knowledge to others, that their lives will improve forever. You know there is a saying you feed a person a fish or you teach them how to fish. So when we come to Baba, we immediately know sorrow, problems, poverty whatever is there is because of the person. I was just thinking, when there is knowledge and connection with Baba, we have loveful, respectful relationships with everyone. Once we have what we call knowledge of Creator and creation. I remember some of the souls who could never think that they could be close to God, as soon as they came close to God or they recognized God and they knew that now I am child of God. Then everything changed for them, everything, not only were they peaceful in the mind, they were happy, even in a physical way they had abundance. So, it is really important to look at everyone as number one and elevate the respect of everyone, which helps them to elevate self-respect. I think that's the biggest charity we can do in any human life. That voice of yours, that drishti of yours of self-respect, respect for them, makes them feel great, makes them feel fortunate, makes them feel what they could be and what they are. So think about it and give everyone respect.

Om Shanti

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