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Detached from the consciousness of “mine” #20

Embodiment_ of_ Success _20 Mohini_Didi October 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Baba not only gives us blessings, He gives us a lot of divine gifts also. Baba had said the day before yesterday, you have been given Godly gifts, which I think we all have. We all have some qualifications, some skills, some specialties. We always thought, I have this education, I know this, some things we inherit from our family, some values we learn during our time of education. Now that we belong to God, what He bestows to us is a blessing of a divine intellect, divine eye. Sometimes we forget that we have that gift and can use it. When you use it, there is success. Bringing in an awareness the gifts which we have, there are very pure and divine feelings when I got a gift from God. Gifts are a very common way to share our love and we do get and give, but when I have a gift from God, it’s a completely different feeling. We use it, it increases and there is a very deep inner joy and happiness in using it. We have many gifts but in that gift it’s my gift, I have it. “These are my specialties, only I can think this way”, all that is ego.

Baba’s signal for today is to detach from the consciousness of mine. Very subtly “this really belongs to me, this is mine”, whatever property you have. These days Baba mentioned a lot of treasures like time, thoughts, breath, body, mind, wealth, to use everything in a worthwhile way. Use the wealth of knowledge, wealth of powers, the wealth of virtues at every moment by being detached from the consciousness of mine and it will continue to be accumulated. Generally, using something should reduce it, but this helps us to accumulate. It’s such a secret way. I am using wealth, but I am accumulating. We are using time, I am accumulating. Think about every treasure which you are using to use in a worthwhile way, which means to experience multimillion fold success. That means the reward of success depends on how I use it. If I get ten times, a hundred times or a thousand times more, it depends on the awareness I have while using my treasure. Just imagine, I am thinking, I am using thoughts, but I am accumulating the power of thought. I am using time and I am accumulating time. Generally when you use time, you are busy and you know time is up, you can’t do any more, but here the wealth of time will increase. Reflect on experimenting with the wealth of knowledge, wealth of time and the wealth of thoughts. The more you do it in a very natural way, you will find that your consciousness of mind will be changed into the awareness of God’s gift. It’s not me, it's Baba. It’s not my time, it’s Baba’s. Then, not only is the awareness of mine gone, but the remembrance of Baba will keep increasing. That's accumulation. Think more about it, do our homework so we could see how much our wealth has accumulated.

Om Shanti

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