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Detached and Loving #6

 Stay_in_AvyaktSilence6          Mohini_Didi          January 6, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Everyone well? Okay?Yes. It’s important to take care of the self. If we are okay, we can help others. Each one of you is unique. There's not a single piece that is a duplicate. Baba says that your nature and your features both are different, and you will not find two souls with same features in the whole world. Have you seen the artist who can create seven billion plus souls with different features? Someone compared the lens with the best lens of a camera. No lens will last for 80 years, 90 years, 70 years. So creation is so wonderful, really wonderful and we have to be respectful of that. That is why we use the words ‘detached and lovely’. Baba gives the example of ‘sadhan’ and ‘sadhna’. That means there are devices and there is intense yoga. Use devices but be detached, because dependency gets created. Those who are used to putting their hands on the computer the whole day, if they don't have that, I don't know, they will miss the whole world. As if nothing is with them, because they live with that, whether for communication or for work. Of course, one of the best examples Baba gives us is to live like a lotus flower. It has both qualities. A lotus is really not detached, but it is above water. Notice that it is connected with its roots. They say that a lotus has nine relatives, starting from the roots. It's in the water which is not flowing, that's why it's in the pond. Many times, situations don't change, but I can still be like lotus, that is, one is beyond, one is above. So, each one of us is unique. Some days we see that this one is different. Actually, everyone is different, the soul is different, but that doesn't mean we have differences. We are different, but we can still be a good bouquet. We are different, and still we live together. 

So, Baba has chosen all different children from different parts of the world, different religions, and put them together as a big bouquet. So, different doesn't mean not getting along or conflict. We say that this one is different, but when we have self-respect and love, you will have love for everyone, even if they are different. So we allow everyone to be different, because when there is variety, it looks good, it's very good. There are some who can deal with that in their mind, and their detachment is that ‘I have nothing to do’. What I have to do is my duty. I do this and I am detached, but the part that you have to play is to be loving. When you are loving, you win the hearts, feel the hearts, you create big support for everyone, because you are loving. If you are only detached, like “I got it. I did it. What I want, I have’. There are some souls like that. Then they say that Baba said be detached, but that could be selfish. I only think of myself, what about others? Many times I ask when we are few, has this one eaten? I don't know and I don't want to know, but for me, if we have seven, I want to know if everyone has eaten. Even if there are twelve, I like to find out everyone has eaten. So, there is love within the family. Then it's like anywhere you are, it's like our family, our Yagya, our Baba, not only me. So, understand the meaning of what is to be detached, and if you are truly detached, you will be loving, you won't be forceful or just keep to yourself. Even in the Golden Age, the King and Queen are like parents and they know to keep well-being of everyone. Everyone has to be happy, everyone has to be okay. That's the service one does, if you are loving. So, it is the balance between, when you are loving, you need to be detached.

I remember one-time Dadi Janki said that at a center, if some sisters have attachment, some have conflict, that it is better not to have conflict, let them go and open different centers. So Dadi used to say, “All right, let them fight and go. At least open new centers for Baba to use.” If there is attachment, they don't want to move. So it’s a very beautiful balance, a beautiful game, beautiful dharna, and your own image of that uniqueness. The difference is in thoughts, nature, and sanskars. Acceptance, agreement, and acknowledgement are some good qualities. Dadi Janki would say, “That’s very good.” to anyone who would give an idea in a meeting. Sometimes you might not be able to implement it immediately, but you say, “Ok, we will do it at the right time, it will happen.” Never say ‘no’ for anything. It is also very important that everyone feels you belong to them and that you will be able to sustain them. There are some souls who are seen as they think they are higher or they are, their personality shows little bosiness. The souls who come to Baba to surrender these days can't take it. Maybe at a center where there's one or two, but in a big family like here, immediately there is a big kind of resistance towards that soul. So you're not getting blessings. You are detached, you keep happy because your work is being done, but what about relationships? If you have to be a lotus, you have to be connected. If you take out the plug, or cut the lotus, in a few hours, or within an hour, it starts dying. Relationships are what helps us to grow. So, I can’t be detached that way. What is detachment? Of course, soul consciousness is the big detachment, a natural one. So reflect on that. The Avyakti signal is to experience detachment in every situation, in your attitude, in your drishti, and your actions. This one is speaking, but it feels that she's very detached but also very loving. Loving in a soul-conscious way. So all of you have to become angelic, angels who go back to the Supreme world with the number one soul, Brahma. 

Om Shanti

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