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Cure Your Nature #11

Transformation _of_Old_Sanskars_11. Mohini _Didi. November 11, 2022.

Om Shanti everyone! Everyone is OK? Lots of greetings from Shantivan! It's beautiful here, very fresh, clean, clean air, clean atmosphere, very powerful and peaceful. Yes, you could feel it. Last night I had a short meeting in Shantivan, with all niwasis who are surrendered in a new hall. It was very beautiful. Everyone was sitting like beautiful white swans.

It's so interesting the way Avyakt BapDada talks to us. Today Baba said: everyone is a victorious jewel and Baba is willing to make many layers of garland, 108 plus. He can make it layer after layer but you have to be victorious. It’s interesting that you are a victorious jewel but you have to be victorious. If I am victorious, why do I have to be victorious? That means to keep the awareness that I am a victorious jewel, then whatever challenges or tests, you have to pass them, you have to be victorious.

I think this whole theme of “Transformation of Nature and Sanskars”, is very interesting when they said cure - Nature cure. These days people go to so many health resorts and they want to do different kinds of nature cures. One of the very common practices within the nature cure is fasting and while fasting, cleansing. Same, we have to look at our nature and sanskars. What are the things I need to be fasting? Everyone has to notice in a physical way, everyone has a different liking for food. Some people like a lot of steamed and boiled food, some like fried food. We all got a few moments to look into the habits we all have for food. We know that this kind of food is harmful for the body. It doesn't have that much nutrition but we still eat it. Same is our sanskars and our habits, certain habits, as Baba said, could create wasteful thoughts and wasteful thoughts in other words, are not only negative but they can also be very doubtful. It could also be the words if there is sanskar or nature, the quality of words which come out of our mouths. Most of us will say, I didn't mean it, but it just happened. Words have a big influence. Same could be with actions. Today Baba said, our interaction with others and the next one comes on the face. So noticing the habits very subtly. Habits as I said, in the form of thoughts, words or actions. Fasting means it's controlled, it's disciplined and if you do it once, second time, third time, it becomes very natural. I think this is the time to do it. Whatever stage you are at present or whatever years you are in knowledge, Baba has given us an opportunity to bring that change, bring transformation. That change or transformation could become very natural. Anything which I create, has to be sustained and it should become as Baba said, long-term. Old sanskars have been there for quite a long time. It could be from the copper age, could be from the beginning of the iron age but it keeps becoming very strong. Same with the new sanskars, sanskars of deities, pure sanskars, they all have to be merged. I think it's a very good effort, to pay attention and instantly with determination to change, bring transformation and I don't think that it is difficult. It's really up to us to do it.

Our homework for today is to have attention and transformation. There is a saying, “precaution is better than cure”. For a cure, you need to take care, you need someone to help you. If I'm attentive, precautions, in a way, is attentive. We never saw the influence of old sanskars and nature in Brahma Baba. He had sanskars too from the copper and iron age but through his remembrance, determination we never saw Baba in his old sanskar or nature. We all have to follow Father and do the fasting from the old nature and old sanskars. I'm sure you will be happy to do it and when you will see the change that will also bring a lot of power ​​in us.

Om Shanti

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