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Create Vibrations And Atmosphere Through Spiritual Attitude #1


Through_Spiritual_Attitude_1 Mohini_Didi May 1st,2023

Om Shanti everyone !

This month we will be thinking, doing and practically seeing the benefit of having pure and powerful vibrations. Baba said, Baba comes in an ordinary body. I think if he comes in a king's body, a saint or great man people will be looking at the body. All their attention would be on the status of the person. We say that Brahma Baba is ordinary. I think he is extraordinary because of his values in his life, his success in his business and his love for the family. There are also unlimited qualities, his charitable heart, his generosity all that makes him extraordinary. Baba said those who are ordinary have a lot of bhavna and what God likes is bhavana. I think that whatever happens, each one of us has to maintain our bhavana. There are different scenes in drama and everyone has different parts to play, but I don't have anything to do with that, just maintain my bhavana. We have to maintain our bhavna because that's where you will have all the attainments.

Vibration has capacity to create and to sustain. There are many projects where they are working from vibrations. We were taught that even when you are watering your plants, do it with love. It happens that some people do things which are not in the favor of yagya, or create a wrong image for Yagya, for family, Organization. What should I think about them? We know that there are many who from time to time whether it is lack of power, temptation or whatever reasons they do wrong things. Practically, what would you do? Baba has come to make impure ones into pure ones. If Baba had this thought for all of us, that we have done so many sins for so many births and are impure and vicious, Baba would not be able to make us pure. Whatever we did and whatever we were and sometimes we are, Baba always looks at us as pure souls, loveful souls, peaceful souls. Baba's vibrations bring transformation in us. If you have to follow Father, your thoughts should be elevated no matter what someone is doing. That means we cannot allow ourselves to think of that person as not good. Even if you have to take action, our attitude and our vibrations shouldn't change. It's a real practice to look at a person and have elevated thoughts and the vibrations for that person. Ultimately, our service is to create an atmosphere which can sustain others and transform others. To make them feel that, I need to also have elevated thoughts.

In practice, I have to constantly have elevated thoughts to create a spiritual atmosphere. I think at present our effort should be that I can say that whatever the part of the soul is, I have elevated thoughts for that soul. Baba had said recently look into the mirror and then you check if all my thoughts are elevated for everyone. Some say what is wrong to see what that person is? Your logic says that, but then what are Baba's teachings? What is the purpose of our life? What is our aim? Everyone in the world, everyone within the family whether it is divine family or lokik, everyone should become elevated. If that is the thought then we can't have other kinds of thoughts. Dadi Janki has good wishes for everyone. They used to say that she's the last person who will give up on anyone and that is why everyone had a lot of love and respect. For us, we look at the way the person is, what that person is doing and all those are really wasteful thoughts. If that person is negative, negative thoughts in your mind will be negativity within your life. I can not allow the thoughts of that person or negativity of any kind get into my mind.

That's the attention we have to we have. Some people have been calling me and asking, how is this practical? What we want is to punish that person or reform that person. You want that person to change and stop doing what is wrong, but how will power come? I have to have elevated thoughts for that soul and create vibrations in the atmosphere, spiritual and powerful for that soul to have realization. Today I was thinking that there are many souls in high positions and cooperative souls. They are in high positions and have so much love for yagya, they cannot see any dispute, conflict or anything wrong happening in yagya. Then they come and they help professionally.

Dadi Prakashmani served because of purity, because of her elevated thoughts for each one. We have to serve the same way. The ocean doesn't stop giving water, sun rays continue, they do what they have to do, they don't give according to what a person does. What is most important is to have elevated thoughts, that is, increase the capacity to create the vibrations in which everything becomes very spiritual and powerful.

Our homework is not just for me to become perfect and complete but for the transformation of the world. Also, to serve the world and in that serving souls and nature. If you keep somewhere in the corner very beautiful flowers, they won't stop giving fragrance by thinking, “this person is not good. I am not going to give fragrance”. They are fragrant, their fragrance spreads all the time. You have fragrance and it spreads and everyone can smell it. I am underlining this. Have this consistent, very naturally in an elevated stage where one spreads full vibrations. We will do our homework tomorrow and observe ourselves. Observe and listen to your thoughts. Am I constantly creating spiritual and powerful vibrations for all?

Om Shanti!


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