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Coolness Under The Shade of Contentment #2

Construct_the_New_World_2 Mohini_Didi July 2, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? I'm looking outside and there is so much fog today. We had a very beautiful morning. When Baba is talking about the gift of the Golden World, a new year gift. So should we wait until the Golden Age comes or can we create that here? If we still have Kaliyugi sanskars, old Iron Aged sanskars, then how will we go to the Golden Age, right? So accept that gift in which Baba said that there are all attainments. So what are all attainments? You have to look at the mind, to look at the body, look at wealth, relationships, all virtues, all powers. So this morning, we were able to create the Golden Age, where we forgot everything about Kaliyug, Iron Age, for a few hours. So how do we keep that gift with us of the golden world? We all have to reflect on that. We're thinking about Brahma Baba, that whatever was happening around him, there was a lot of love, there was respect, there was beautiful interaction with each other. Then one of the ways of course is practice, to look at that I belong to Baba. So, I have all fortune, all attainments but also the homework that we all have to do for this month. When there is humility there is coolness, calmness, we are unshaken, but if there is even a little bit of like yesterday, then, “Why amI not recognized? Why can't I do this?” So much of ‘I’ comes in. It’s a lack of humility and then internally a little bit of irritation, a little bit of flame comes in.

So one of the attainments is not to have wasteful thoughts. Baba is saying that if you have humility and you have a cool and calm nature, you will not have speed of wasteful thoughts. That means there might be a few thoughts. It's not like a big storm comes, but also someone who has anger is burning like fire. Generally, as I said, there is only one way to extinguish fire even if it is very big, and that is water. So our coolness, our calmness, and remember that's connected with humility, then we sprinkle.

Today Baba is talking about the vibrations of a pleasant mind. How can you just remain pleasant or just be happy? Sit next to Baba and watch Drama and everyone's part. I don't think Baba needs to tolerate. Baba just observes. So if I see the whole cycle, the way it is going on as a game, the different scenes of Drama. So even one who has a very hot head, full of anger with the vibrations of that, peasant vibrations, the other person can cool down. We have to experiment with that. Baba says that you should create the vibrations of happiness. Baba says that these vibrations will make that person and the atmosphere very cool and calm. It's like subtly, it will work. Especially these days, a lot of people, their brain just gets hot very quickly, and we call it crazy. For little things, they are upset and their mood goes down, they get discouraged. So then when we have to face it. I was thinking about Brahma Baba. He was very cheerful, very cool, very calm and watching the scenes of Drama. One is of course in the beginning he would stand on the roof of the building and watch picketing going on, so much going on, Also within the Yagya, everyone's nature is different, sanskars are different, but he kept his stage very cool. He saw certain things, he saw so many games of the children, it’s their part, they're playing their part. He never blamed anything or anyone, and he did not create any new karmas. This is also karma, to see fault. So, the power to find the solution, to bring the transformation is through this nature of humility and coolness, calm. I myself had been doing that a lot. Also start seeing how necessary this is, because our response and our reaction, the solution, should come from that cool mind.

So, I must say that at the present time, the scenes of Drama will require us to be very calm, very humble. Whatever we do is the creation of the new world, constructive. Our every response has to be constructive, nirman. So Baba is using three words “nirmal, nirman and nirman”, at every step you can experience that. So reflect on this, maintain that, and become that. There is also a goddess called Shitladevi. They worship that goddess when there is a high temperature or when anything happens to the body. All of us have to invoke that goddess within us and stay calm and cool.

Om Shanti


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