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Continue to Compare Your Sanskars with Bapdada's Sanskars Every Moment #6

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_6 Mohini_Didi Mar 6th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Every day Baba is making points easier for us. Baba is reminding us that it is most important to use the point. Then Baba is saying that in addition to awareness of the point, you have to be the embodiment. Baba uses two words, swaroop that means your image should be that now, Second word for awareness, smrithi. Smrithi and swaroop. Baba says, it's very easy for all the children now to have that smrithi. The first example is that drama is continuing, it never stops. Once a scene has gone whatever happened I use the point, that is a full stop. If it has stopped completely, then it stops in your thoughts and words. Your face, your eyes, your attitude shouldn't show or express anything from the past scenes. One thing is using a point and becoming an embodiment. You will remain light and cheerful. Secondly Baba said, become a point, soul conscious stage. Thirdly, Baba said, use the point of knowledge. We have a lot of knowledge but Baba is saying to use the point of knowledge.

Baba says anytime you want to decide something, if you want to save your time, then immediately match your sanskars with Bapdada. When Baba became avyakt, Dadi Prakashmani, Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzaar, anyone who was with Baba, saw how he decided everything so that his time and his power was not wasted. I remember how the dadis, for everything they emerged in their mind what Baba would have done at that time. What would Baba have done and how he would interact with every other soul. Baba had this power to discern and because he had power to discern he would immediately be able to decide. For us, we take a lot of time, so not only is time wasted but a lot of power is also wasted. Looking at Baba being embodiment and using the sanskars in the sense of whatever Shiv Baba is teaching us, they should become our sanskars. When they become our sanskars, we are an embodiment. Baba is saying, that whatever were the sanskars of Bapdada, emerge those sanskars. When you have smrithi, that sanskar will emerge, then you don't waste time. You will be able to quickly decide what has to be done. There are so many situations, could be major ones, what would Baba do? One thing is that situations, sanskars, relationships everything continues and there might be many conflicts, but as Baba said, knowledge is light and might. Keep doing what you have to do. We shouldn't stop. The other side will automatically get sorted out because you have to continue in your spiritual effort. You have to do what is right, what is important, what is special. Some just stop that also. Be clear and able to decide what is right and what is wrong. Baba is saying that there is the power of intellect and if you think a lot, you're not able to decide. We should be clear, discern, decide and then your intellect should not really go into the thoughts of that situation, so that you can save the power of intellect. Unless we give ourselves deep silence, we cannot really have a clear intellect. That means, keep becoming the embodiment. When you are an embodiment that task is done.

It will be very easy, but you haven't taken any step for dharna. It’s only knowing gyan, smrithi. Every soul has to be independent. Every soul has to have personal efforts and then finally do it in practical and become an example for others, because life is practical. Life is not about just thinking and remembering. Even if you are in remembrance of Baba there should be transformation. You should become the embodiment, everything should be done in a practical way. That means every day some transformation, some changes have to be seen properly. Baba wants us to discern and decide based on Baba's sanskars then our time and power of intellect will be saved. It is just like you have a principle. Every morning you have to wake up for Amrit Vela. It's so natural, whatever time we sleep we still naturally wake. Maybe I say I slept very late, let's see in the morning, but eyes open you are up to remember Baba. When you are embodiment and always listen to murli in the morning, then no matter what the situation, you will try to find murli somewhere, you will make arrangements for yourself. Same is for remembrance of Baba, that also is the practice. Anything happens, let's remember Baba. Keep your intellect detached. Otherwise the mind keeps thinking then intellect keeps thinking, that causes a lot of loss of time. Use the murli point of becoming the point. Become a point, use a full stop. Use the points of knowledge.

Today is the day to burn Holi. You must have heard before playing Holi, they burn Holi. The burning is actually past is past. We have to finish all the sanskars from the past. One of the meanings of Holi is gone. Now it is past, so I am kind of invoking that again and again, past is past. It had to happen, it happened. I have very powerful thoughts, elevated thoughts so that it not only doesn't repeat but also the impact of that shouldn't come. Something wrong has happened, the consequences of that shouldn't become a big obstacle in my life. Whatever happens we continue to remember Baba and Baba will help us whether it's changing the situation, making it beneficial or bringing something good even from that bad. That's what will happen. So use the points and you will see the difference.

Om Shanti !

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