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Constantly Remain Up Above And Be A Detached Observer #22

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_22 Mohini_Didi April 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Okay, so you all had been doing your homework. It's very important to do homework because the physical world, every moment, activities, interactions, scenes of Drama, different parts people play, everyone can pull us down. We want to ascend, we want to become perfect, complete. So, when I have awareness, and I remind myself of what stage I have to maintain today, that helps me to quickly go beyond, go above. Then from that high stage, I can observe whatever is happening. If you see the things, hear the things in an ordinary stage, then we do get extra thoughts or disappointed or subtle feelings. When you listen to Murli tomorrow, Baba is saying that you have so much love for Baba, but what return will you give to Baba? As I said, there will definitely be, every minute or every half an hour, things that bring you down. You become ordinary then, and you don't remain alokik or spiritual or divine. So, if I have to be on journey to become perfect, one of the ways is not just that I am okay, but use the knowledege do your homework because this exercise or the practice helps us to go above beyond and then we see everything. Baba gives us this very simple example that when you are in the flight and you look down you look at a big house, it looks like a little matchbox. If you see from a little higher or the same level, from the ordinary stage, there will be ordinary thoughts, and Baba wants us to create very pure, elevated thoughts.

So, if you want to become completely perfect or complete then you have to go above and beyond everything. Whatever is happening is Drama, everyone is playing their own part. Then see the Drama, because you cannot close your eyes, but you are just observing from the stage that is above, higher. One is detached, and the other is above. Now you have to start first with your own body. How do I go above, because the body also has big pulls right? It starts early in the morning, the pull to remain in the bed and rest a little more. In every step, it’s like you have to go beyond the consciousness of the body. Then Baba is saying that because intellect has reasoning, sometimes we keep to that reasoning, and we speak also based on that reasoning. Then go a little bit beyond even your own intellect, even your own reasoning. Many times we do get signals even from others, so just be above, because sometimes we stay to our own reasonings which could be right but you don't have to, right is right, it will happen. If I emphasize what is right, then also there could be a lot of reactions from others. That is why you have to be above your intellect, your own sanskar. The way you say things the way you do things that becomes your sanskar or personality. So, be above and beyond with ‘who am I’, whatever you are, you go above that. Just imagine, you have to go above even your own mind. First you have to forget that I am a body, so you’re in soul consciousness, but then, I think that I am a knowledgeful soul, I know everything, I have a good intellect. This I..nes has to be removed. Baba's knowledge is my reasoning but not my intellect‘s reasoning. As much as I use knowledge, churn knowledge, and follow Shrimat, then whatever it is Baba's Shrimat, we don’t say, ‘this is what I think’ or ‘this is my reasoning.’ Wherever word comes, instantly change it to BapDada This I or mine has to be removed completely.

Whenever you think, ‘it’s my understanding’, ‘this is what I feel’, change it and then say, “This is Baba's Shrimat.” Then you are above ‘I and mine’. Then you’re able to completely be a detached observer, and not only a detached observer, but by remaining above, you will continue to move forward towards your stage of perfection. Maya will not leave us until the end in some form or other, and actually, Maya reminds us of our growth, we feel strength, but it could also be our weakness. Whatever is my weakness, Maya will affect us there. That means, I have to remain above so I can ascend and I can continue during the day toward my stage of perfection. Otherwise, by night time you will find you haven’t done much, and you have not gone above much. So, when it is Baba, when it is Shrimat, it's definitely going to happen. Baba was saying in Murli this morning to just go beyond and your every thought will get accomplished. You will have a thought and it will get done. You don’t have to have wasteful thoughts. So, it’s like you observe yourself, where your intellect is going, where your mind is going, up to a certain extent and involvement. Interaction is ok, but on the other side, there are sometimes wasteful thoughts also. Now, to become complete, you have to value every thought, because every thought that helps me to become perfect, I cannot just use it, or lose it anywhere else.

So, we are practicing the stage of being above and then observer, otherwise sometimes we could be a detached observer, and other times again the intellect pulls and the thoughts become very ordinary. When you are above and experience that same situation, the same words, you hear but it doesn't affect you. We look at Baba and see what He is giving, signals, and that will take us beyond. Look at Baba's signals about going beyond, and then play your part as an observer. Then it's like you are moving on to the stage of perfection. Baba keeps saying two words, first complete, and then perfect. Complete means 100%. Let's say that I have a lot of patience, but then sometimes, I am not able to have patience, so my marks, some of the percentage will be taken off. Every moment, use virtues and powers and take 100% marks. Just donate virtues and remain virtuous, powerful, which is very important. So, I am seeing the attention and the awareness of the homework. You can experience Baba only when you are in a good stage. The company of a good stage will help you. Baba is our companion, so don't be ordinary, be spiritual, be alokik. The self respect of this alokik stage also helps you not to come down for little things. Actually everything is small, little, we can make it big, but nothing is big. In every scene of Drama, there is some benefit in that. See the benefit, and then watch Drama, observe everyone's part, so that my intellect and mind remain spiritually connected with Baba, and I am moving forward toward the stage of perfection.

Om Shanti

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