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Constantly remain seated on the Throne of Self-Respect #02

Elevated_Self_Respect_2 Mohini Didi June 2, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Our practice is not to sit and do it, it’s a practice for the whole day, while doing actions, having interactions or planning, wherever we are. One of the easy ways is anything you start, take 1-3 minutes and create one of the self respect points. If we create self respect then I think definitely it will be very successful.

Mostly we always think about what people will like, but instead think about what Baba says. Many times I listen to the programs and they are circumstances oriented or formal. We try to give people answers, but instead of what my experiences are or how I do it, think of what Baba says. They will not just be happy to listen, but they feel power. Use some of Baba’s words also. I remember when we were sent for any talk during Brahma Baba’s time, Baba would tell us what we should say and it used to be very powerful. It’s not that you won’t be relating to people or they will not understand you, they will. It’s not just a solution, but it’s a spiritual direction. Each one of us, when we think of when we started our journey, what really touched us? I think we have different experiences that really touched us. When I went to Baba, center or met Brahma Kumaris, for me was their honesty, innocence, simplicity and royalty in that simplicity. I could immediately connect to those values. We have to come down from an intellectual level to a more spiritual level.

When Brahma Baba had the vision of Vishnu and Shiv Baba told him you will become Narayan, Brahma Baba accepted it. After that his self respect was, what I was, I am becoming. I was Narayan and I am becoming that again. He had that deep self respect after that. In a lokik way he was very royal, very respectful person, but there was a complete change in him because now he started looking at all of us also as from the deity clan. Whenever I have to make effort I always look at Brahma Baba and see how he accepted it. Sometimes you say it’s illusive how can I be that, but internally you are touched and you feel it. That becomes the self respect accepting what I was last kalpa. I think each one of us when we look at our blessings, you will know what you are. Baba is saying for self respect that becomes your throne. That is what you are worthy of. We are also hearing about a very subtle connection with my own specialties. It’s good to know your specialties so that you can use them, but don’t think you are the only one who can do it or the best. I used to think that way sometimes, but then I found everyone may be different, but special. We have to respect the specialties of others. We are becoming avyakt angels.

I think each one of you must be noticing the change in you every day. Your thinking is different, your speaking is different, that means more elevated higher. If you want or not He will put you on a throne. It does happen with children, you want to make them sit on a throne and they just get up again and again, but Baba wants us to take our throne. Baba wants to give you a seat so it is from Baba you will get that power. That’s what Baba wants, so He will make me worthy at the right time. He will give me those powers which are required because it’s Baba’s family and Baba’s kingdom, which He is establishing. Respect is important. If someone comes in and doesn’t have a seat, it’s respect you are showing to let them come to sit, but it should not become our habit every time to get up. There is a kind balance which is required. When you speak to someone it has to be with respect. When there is respect there is tolerance, there is love, everything is easy. I am repeating certain things because I don’t know if we have practiced enough.

Now is the time for the whole month to find little practices. Even listening can be in self respect. During the day, having homework is very helpful. Baba looks at us and asks us are you doing your homework? Baba puts so much effort into teaching us. He is a Teacher and He wants us to be worthy children. Every day He teaches us. Baba gives the example that taking a shower twice a day is the same as soul bathing in knowledge twice a day. Each one of you, take a moment to sit on your throne as a tiny point of light. Baba says you are the child so a master. Just have these thoughts whenever we sit and be seated on the throne. We are busy, we have a lot to do, but we always have to remember we are on a journey, we have a destination. We have to do it together. Sharing about remembrance of Baba, sharing about which virtue or power you use, it’s like sharing the experience of the journey.

I have been thinking that if two hundred souls come to Peace Village and they spend so much on a plane ticket, what should be our main attraction and attainment? Very sublte needs of those souls should be fulfilled. I know how much they look forward to gaining those attainments, to get rid of so many subtle obstacles, because Baba calls this mini Madhuban. I am feeling now that our journey is starting and I want everyone to take a lot and that could only happen if we create that kind of environment, vibrations, and sharing. We can try different kinds of self respect and give that respect to everyone.

Om Shanti.


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