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Constantly Keep Flying And Continue To Do Unlimited Service #6

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_6 Mohini Didi April 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyday we take one aspect of the quality of an angel, stage of angel, qualification of angel, and experiment in practicality. Baba is the one who makes everything easy from difficult. How many of you have experienced that? Can I see hands? Many of you. Maybe you should write your experience, what were the timings, what was the situation when you kept Baba as your companion, and that something that was really difficult and impossible, became easy. One is that the intellect is satisfied because, at the right time, you create the awareness and experience what Baba says as real and true. I know that I definitely have this trust that when you begin something and you find there are obstacles, internally you know that it’s going to be alright, it's going to be okay. This is the trust that we all work with, but still it's good to take this homework to keep Baba's company while maintaining your stage. You just want to remain immovable, you want to remain very calm, and just keep Baba’s company, remembrance of Baba, thinking of the qualities of Baba. When you are doing unlimited service or consistent service, sometimes you find your body could get tired. Remember that I'm not doing it alone, Baba is with me. So, company while going through the situation, and companion while doing service. We have to regularly do that, otherwise we won't be able to reach that stage, or that goal we need to achieve. An aspect of Angelic, is just to belong to Baba, everything belongs to Baba, and I am sure that you all must have practiced that.

Today the avyakt signal from Baba is that an angel is double light. That means your face is always sparkling. Generally, if anything happens, it shows on the face. If you are disturbed, if you are not happy, if you don't get what you want, some way or other whatever happens, it shows on your face. So, just to remain sparkling all the time. In the scenes of Drama, many situations will come, but what keeps Baba as my companion? Baba is saying that when your face is sparkling, there is great attraction and angels always remain high. There are certain things that will affect you, but then you have to remember that I have to be high. When you think of your home, you think of Baba as Father, The Almighty Authority, and this will keep you high. Baba was also saying that you are a flying bird, that is your destination. You have met the highest on high Father, and your destination is very high. So, Baba said that if your stage is a flying stage, then keep doing unlimited service. When we reflect on this, how every time we think of something higher and elevated, like belonging to Baba, our sweet home, jeevan mukti, that’s our future. So, think of something that can help your stage to remain high, because when the stage is ordinary, everything looks difficult, not manageable. One is to be okay, that's like a human being, but to be in the flying stage, you have to be like an angel. If you are flying, you don't come on the ground and sit, but you go to a very high branch of the tree. So, that means even if you are landing, it's not on the ground. Baba says to just stay in the highest stage. While I'm speaking, I'm trying to figure out a list of things which are high, and I need to stay there. So, sparkling and flying, anything, even sometimes when you see a little star very high, your attention is drawn. So, that is what Baba is saying, no burden. Baba is our companion. I know many times we try to carry very heavy things, but now at the Confluence Age, Baba says, “Why do you have to do that?” You should remain double light, you should remain light.

So, experience this deeply. These avyakt signals are meant for us to pay attention and not only become what we are listening to from Baba, but to have practical experience also. So, today we take this as homework and let's see what we get. Some of you must have heard Baba’s message on Thursday when we offered Bhog here. Baba said to check your stage of perfection in subtle regions because everyone's subtle form, stage of perfection, is there. I was just sharing that when I first started going into trance, Brahma Baba asked me to go and see the difference between his stage of perfection and his stage in this Corporeal world. I saw a lot of difference because there was a lot of light there. So, Baba also wants us to see how much of a difference is there. Baba is asking everyone to check there. Then Baba also was saying yesterday that there might be some obstacles, but children should not be scared. You also appear as Shiv Shakti, as Durga, as Kali, as Saraswati. Whatever is right, whatever this truth, it will be revealed. I should be in that stage, then it can be revealed. Some of us get scared and some don't. So, Baba puts a garland of victory and says to remember always that I am a victorious soul, I am a victorious soul, that is your chanting.

Om Shanti

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