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Constantly giving is a form of receiving for all time #24

Construct_the_New_World_24 Mohini_Didi July 24, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone’s good wishes were the wings for the angel. It's love that makes everything very easy. Whenever Baba speaks to us, we listen very carefully but at the same time, we go inside and see what Baba is telling us. Do I have questions or am I always happy? It's only when something is lacking, that there is a lack of contentment. Think about all the attainments from Baba and be content. We have to find answers.

There’s one point which has stayed with me. I'm trying not only to use it, but to practically try to witness it in this way, that it's a game. A game is being played. Baba says many times that maya will interfere. That means, even if you give the situation or problem to Baba, but in a very subtle way, thoughts come, that is maya. Fear might come, concerns might be there, very subtly. For me, when I'm listening to Baba, I always observe myself. Am I light and happy? Is my mood very pleasant? In other words, it's kind of carefree too. We use all the points of knowledge. It’s Baba’s task, it’s Baba who does it, Baba is responsible, but we still carry a little burden. It's a very good point we have to practice. Baba is unlimited like the ocean. He always gives to us, bestowes on us, it is Shiv Baba. Then Brahma Baba is the master ocean.

Day and night, Baba is saying, giving is taking forever. It is only when you are forever, that you could give. Like the sun shines, then clouds come in front. Darkness is not because the sun stops giving light, but it is covered by clouds. With us, if someone is not showing acknowledgement, I say ok, I shouldn't think of that. I shouldn't give good wishes to them. That is what I am, the embodiment, always thinking good about others. If you are embodiment, you will give, right? It's a very subtle point. We need to observe ourselves to see if it happens. Sometimes I change my attitude towards someone, or my mood fluctuates, then I say, “ok, I have to love this one”, but not really properly. When you are giving, you are receiving. When I think that you have to give, you have to be full. You are giving to yourself first and then to others. In giving to others, you are receiving for the self forever. It’s very interesting the balance between inculcation and service. Tomorrow our homework is constantly giving is the form of receiving for all the time.

Brahma Baba lowered himself so humbly. He was such a server and served with so much humility, that he was even ready to massage the children's feet. Giving respect actually increases your self respect. Baba used to mention at that time the specialties of many children. He used to mention the names sometimes. “This one's lectures are very good. This one is loved by everyone. This one does this special service.” I think most of us found they had become blessings. It is the same with us. Not only for one's own self, but for others also. We look at their specialty and we describe it, that becomes a blessing for that soul, but I also receive. Receiving all the time and then giving comes from being embodiment. I think we want to become complete. We want to be the embodiment. If you're doing something only intellect based, you're not an embodiment, you will be tired. You will change.

Yesterday someone asked a very interesting question, what is a loving Intellect? The intellect generally is logic. First emerge love in your intellect, and then you think. Your thinking will be different, but when it is, preet buddhi or the other is vipareeth, it will not think in love, it will not be victorious, because it is the power, the strength in the soul, It's for Baba, it’s for the souls, for the self will give the capacity to that one. To serve, is to face whatever the situation is. There is power. I have to keep increasing that power. Recognition of others is not lowering yourself, but actually that increases your self respect. Baba always felt the children were ahead of him and could give better lectures than he could. He never put himself first, he always said that the children are first. He always let them go first, and considered them to be senior. He didn't put himself down, but in fact, he became even more elevated. This is known as being a number one worthy server. Where souls are touched and they receive and give respect to others. Keeping yourself humble is the sign of having mercy for others. The form of constantly giving is to become the form of receiving for all the time. You have to have trust, but also have generosity. That giving is receiving. Of course we believe it, but maybe only intellectually. Tomorrow is the day for us to practice and observe ourselves and see if you are able to give, and experience receiving forever.

Om Shanti

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