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Constantly experience contentment #28

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_28 Mohini_Didi November 28, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay, full of enthusiasm, and lots of love for Baba. Everything is going well. As much we progress, we remain obstacle free. If we are slow and careless then many obstacles come, and we don’t want obstacles to stop us. There are two types of experiences; one is what we do while sitting, and we want to experience the bodiless stage, we want to experience soul consciousness. I sit and I say, “I am separate from the body, I am beyond everything.” The other experience that Baba has been talking a lot about is that whatever the situation, at that time, whichever power is needed, whichever virtue is needed, use it. When you use it you will know how things get clear or there is a solution, or there is power. That’s what Baba meant. Then you will know what virtues and powers you have. Next time it will be easy for you because you will say, last time it happened and I used patience and it worked. I used tolerance and it worked. That’s the experience Baba is talking about these days. When we have this, Baba says that if someone is in a similar situation, you will immediately say that it will pass. This has happened to me also.

Brahma Baba used to say, “I am in the front and I have to pass everything, then I share everything with the children.” Brahma Baba himself had the experience and he was able to help others also. If I am close to Baba, then I will also have the power to merge. It is very important to keep aiming to have both types of experiences, spiritual experiences, like Amritvela. During the day, I have practical experiences. As much as we do that, your self trust will increase and you will be able to guide others. Then others will also have courage that you did it, and they will also be able to do it. So it won’t be like you have a theory, you just know things but you haven’t really done it in practice. Then it won't have that impact. It won’t have that power. Contentment comes from your own personal attainments. When you have attainment, you will always be very positive, and you will always share with others. Always help them to understand that it is possible, we can do it. Then our language will be different. So, Baba is saying that obedient children constantly experience contentment. First, contentment is that I am able to follow Baba’s directions. Some have a lot of difficulties sitting properly at Amritvela, but there are others who are able to do so. That’s what Baba means that obedient children constantly experience contentment. They constantly and naturally experience all three types of contentment. The first one is they remain content with themselves. When contentment is not there, it is frustration, and then you are frustrated with others. Baba says that everyone who has a connection and relationship with them will be content with them. That means it’s not only for yourselves. Your contentment will be shared by all those who come in contact with you, will be shared by all relations. That’s true service, isn’t it? If I am not making good efforts, I always tell everyone to remind everyone that you are #1. Are you leaving your number for others? If they are not regular, lack effort, lack contentment, that means they are giving their positions to others. You won’t get a chance again. So if you are #1 in your efforts, you are consistent, you are regular, you are full of enthusiasm, then maintain that, it is important. If you can maintain it, you will be very happy. Do it, we can do it, it is possible to do it, we can encourage each other, increase the enthusiasm of each other, increase the courage of each other. Remind everyone that Baba is looking for us. So, continuously progress, and this will definitely help us to have contentment and do everything accurately. Even when it comes to the result of whatever you do, when you do it, there is definitely contentment. Whether it is effort or any kind of actions, do it accurately, so that those who come in contact with you, those who are in relationship with you, everyone can see the result is properly done. You are successful, and when you are successful, definitely, you are content. So keep this thought of contentment with the self, actions, and also with relationships and contacts. Baba definitely will be very happy. Baba asks us, “Where do you want your place?” Baba says that in the forehead, there is a jewel of contentment. So I have to take that place. The jewel of contentment is very important.

Om Shanti

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