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Constant and Continues #17

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_17 Mohini Didi November 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, it was so lovely to meet Bapdada, listen to Bapdada. Today's theme is that we need to be consistent yogis, not yogi for two hours, ten hours, keeping our chart of how much I was in remembrance, but we have to be natural. When something is natural, it has to be consistent. So, the nature of a yogi is of economy, or you don't waste anything. Also, whatever our situation or circumstances, a yogi stage will not be affected by that. There is a saying, the definition of yogi is to go beyond praise and insult, beyond cold and heat, beyond defeat and victory. It’s beyond everything. That means these are external situations, and we can never depend on that for my remembrance, my stage. If something good has happened, I am very happy and if something different happens then I am sad. No. Internally, I should remain calm, I should remain peaceful, I should remain happy, very loving, detached, and very kind. All these qualities should remain consistent, because that's the nature of a yogi soul. Of course, we have examples of the Dadis and Brahma Baba. We never saw Baba's mood going up and down, never. Surprisingly, so many things used to happen in the Yagya, many different kinds of obstacles. You all have heard the stories in their life history, Adi Dev. Nothing that serious happens in our lives, but also it has become our nature to be what is going outside. That is why a yogi is shown sitting in a particular posture. So, it's not sitting in that posture, but remaining in that stage. Like one of the postures of yogi is shown as lotus. Why is lotus shown? Not that yogi sits on lotus but very detached and lovely. A lotus is above the water. So, we are connected with this world and this whole world is like a big pond. Baba used to ask us, are you all Master Ocean and River Ganges or are you big canals or are you a pond? The pond is very shallow. The lotus grows there but the flower is so lovely because it is above.

So, whenever something happens, if you are not introverted, not churning and have depth, it will be very shallow, and because of that, it takes a few moments for somebody to just uproot it, remove it from the pond. What do we have to do to remain stable? In Kaliyug, Iron Age, people have all different kinds of beliefs, opinions and nature. We need to be above, that is to be lovely, or in other words, to remain untouched. The situations, and people's nature shouldn't touch me. Sometimes in Murli Baba says that some children are very delicate and they are like ‘touch me not’ flowers. Sometimes for little things, it touches us so strongly that we lose our original nature and our sweet nature. So, it's very interesting that the yogi is shown like a lotus flower. I think that we have to keep our aim the whole day. At Amritvela, have determination today, I will remain untouched, I will remain lovely. Secondly, Yogi is always shown with the third eye of knowledge. If we see everything with the third eye, that means looking at a person's activity, nature, what I am seeing is the soul playing a part. Every soul has a different part. Sometimes some of the things could be very simple for you, but for others it could be very difficult because that's not their nature. So, I have to be careful that I am not going to lose my stage because of someone's actions or behavior. How to achieve what we want to get done without allowing our nature to go up and down? I think I believe it's possible because the vibrations will help other souls to have better understanding, and their quality of concentration could increase. Those who are playing a part with me, we want them to do things accurately but also, we have to notice how to help to increase their capacity, their accuracy. We are definitely seeing them with the third eye as actors in Drama playing their part, or seeing everyone as a soul. When we see everyone as a soul, I think that could also touch them.

Look at Shiv Baba, every day he speaks to us. For 85 years, He has been telling us that ‘you are a soul’ and ‘remember Me’. Millions of times Baba has said it, but Baba never said, “It’s been so many years, and you haven't done that yet. You are not yet in soul consciousness, so I am not going to say it. You are not my children now. You're not my students. You're not following accurately, so you're not my followers.” Baba sweetly, lovingly keeps saying that this is the greatest mantra. Even in the latest Murli Baba said very sweetly, “What is the main effort? Fast effort is to consider yourself a soul and remember Baba.” We might say, “Oh, he said the same thing, but He doesn't feel that I am saying the same thing because every time He says it, it has a different impact on us. We keep doing it, and one day we will get it. We will do it accurately. So, we learn that each one of us has to adapt to our own speed and quality of effort. Let everyone be what they are, but I have to be what I have to be. Like Brahma Baba knew Mama, Dadi Prakashmani, and all the Dadis will be different. Those who were good examples, gave good sustenance, followed Brahma Baba. So, they were in front. Others were also there, but not necessarily known. So, they were all numberwise. Baba loved everyone. Baba gave sustenance to everyone, and Baba never changed his drishti because they are flowers, and they would be there if Baba said anything. So, two things, either Baba says it in Murli whatever He has to say, or very personally and that is also for realization. If they feel bad, they can’t continue. So, Baba never made anyone feel guilty or bad or not worthy. Baba has come to make everyone worthy.

So, when we look at Brahma Baba, one time he said that Baba is the Gardener. So, there are some beautiful plants of roses, there are some bushes, and there are some thorns, but what does a gardener do? He has rose plants, bushes, makes the boundary, hedges, and also uses thorns to protect the garden. There is a song that I love your flowers, I love your thorns. So, some souls were very prickly. I remember one soul. This time I haven't seen him, and I sent my love remembrance, a very prickly soul. He would tell you immediately what is wrong, but then because I am not getting into his sanskars, the love when I share that, he was very touched and based on that the transformation happens of sanskars. Good souls had been making efforts, and suddenly made mistakes. Dadi Prakashmani loved them a lot so that the soul doesn't repeat mistakes and has already reached a good stage, shouldn't go back. Sometimes when souls are discouraged, they give up. Baba never likes anyone to give up. If I don't have self-respect, there is body consciousness and when there is body consciousness then definitely, we are attached to many things. So, it's important to be natural and consistent yogi. Baba told us to be a fast effort maker. Attention is required. So, today we will pay attention, our homework of creating self-respect based on what Baba says to us. So, I'm sure it's going to be a very good day looking at our nature and sanskars.

Om Shanti


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