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Consider yourself to be a special Soul #24

Elevated_Self_Respect_24 Mohini_Didi June 24, 2023

Om Shanti!

Bhog Message

Taking everyone's loveful remembrances, Baba invoked me and I went to Baba to offer bhog on behalf of everyone. This is the day of love and that is also especially motherly love. So everyone was merged in that motherly love, love for Mama, love for Baba as mother. It was a motherly love. Baba gave very loveful drishti to each one of us, and during drishti, whatever was merged in us, Baba emerged it. While emerging, everyone was in a very pure and divine form. It was as if there was this divine image in each one of you. Baba accepted bhog and Baba said that Mama was also there. Today is Mama's day so Baba said to Mama, “This bhog is for you.” Mama was smiling and then she said “It is for the whole family, for everyone, because Mama used to feed everyone, the whole family.” Baba and Mama accepted bhog and of course, Mama remembered all her friends are companions to come and accept bhog. You were all there and Baba also made each one of you accept bhog. After a few moments, I mentioned to Baba that we have many kumaris and many adhar kumaris. So how many adhar kumaris are there? 12? 12 is a good number. So Baba said that it's Mama's day, and it's also like kumari 's day, because Mama was kumari, and then she became ‘mother’. So for all the kumaris, are you ready to be revealed as world mothers? Yes, world mothers. Baba is hearing your answer. Baba said that soon you will have to play that part, because everyone in the world wants to experience love. Love is something which not only nurtures, but also heals everyone. So now the true service, real service, is to have drishti of love. Everyone has the vision of love towards everyone, whatever that soul is. Then Baba said that love helps the souls to blossom. It is the drishti of love that helps, even if they are not aware.

After a few moments, Baba said to each one of you here, “Do you have your all arms ready?” Two arms are like when you are a karma yogi, four are when you have all the decorations, and eight are for the eight powers. Baba said to practice every day and remind yourself, “Am I working with two arms? Am I using four, am I using eight?” When you use all of that, there will not only be revelation, but people will have visions. They will know that this soul is using eight arms. Baba said to experiment, use all different arms. After a few moments, Baba also looked at Mama and said, “You have something to say?” Mama said that kumaris, of course, it's their day today, but even otherwise, everyone like Mama was giving a lot of love to everyone. Mama said, “Even though I'm not in that role that I played, in the body when it was Saraswati, the body is different but the part is continuing. There is still the part of showering knowledge and showering love.” So, I was looking at Mama and I thought maybe I would see her new form. It's like Baba is saying, “No, she's playing the part, her role is there, even if the a body is not.” So sometimes I like to understand Baba's secret. There is no question, but why did Mama have to go that soon? Most of us thought at that time that Baba was older so Baba will leave and Mama will lead, that we would be like a Shakti army and we all will be with Mama. Baba said, that part of what you have always thought will still be played. So I said, “How?” Baba said, “You will see that whatever Baba says will happen before the end.” So you all should be ready and always as much as love is important, that much, power is also important. So always think Shiv shakti, Shakti with Shiva. People chant mantras to get power, but you also have to repeat to create that power, create that awareness in you. You all were there in the subtle regions and you looked very angelic, very happy, very pure. Then Baba gave lots of love, there was a day of love and a day of power and now I am back here. Om Shanti!

Om Shanti,

Everyone is ok and had a good experience since this morning. How many times we have offered bhog. Whatever part one plays, love and respect for that soul is based on what we receive. So, one is to become an embodiment, other is to become a bestower. If you keep wealth with you, nobody will say you are wealthy, right? It is only what you give as charity, as donation, that everyone says, “This one is a philanthropist.” If you have wealth, nobody says you are philanthropist. They might say, since this one has money, this one has a good heart. It's only when it's donated, when it's given, then they talk about it and praise you. Baba also wants us to be an embodiment. You can have a lot of knowledge, but when you share knowledge, then everyone will say this is a knowledgeful soul. At the difficult times you give support, you give love. So they will say, “This one is very loving.” The recognition of a person is based on bestowing, because when you bestow, the heart becomes very full. It starts giving blessings to you, that's how we worshiped God. So life is not just to receive, life is to give. At the Confluence Age, especially at this time, giving will be multiplied. So Mama was one of the examples. Whatever she did was for others, for the Yagya, for the family. Whether it was renunciation, sacrifice, or tapasya, it was for the family, it was for the Yagya, not just for herself. Generally mothers are the ones who share and give a lot.

So our homework for tomorrow is that our self respect should be visible or experienced through our drishti, through our attitude, through our actions. Anyone who has come to Baba, has been adopted, is special. So even ones who are in self respect will always respect that soul. We are rare out of billions, we can count. So always be in self respect and always think if we are the ones who got it, what do we have to give? Baba always calls us world servers, not limited servers, and world servers are those who are beyond personal. Not I, nor mine, Baba and Yagya. So we are honest with our thoughts, with our words, our time, energy, everything. That honesty makes everything unlimited. When you are serving, and you are honest, things will become unlimited. Your capacity, your resources, everything becomes unlimited. So keep that thought and then always remind yourself what Baba has given us. We have to share with the whole world.

Om Shanti

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