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Conqueror of Maya and victorious#18

Determined_Thought_18 Mohini_Didi February 18, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy Shiv Jayanti, Baba's incarnation and also the Brahmins’ spiritual and alokik birth. Congratulations and good wishes! Baba's blessings for everyone! Your mind must also be busy in seeing the self and making promises. To fulfill the promise, one needs determination. Scenes of Drama and opportunities of Drama will provide you something that will help you to be powerful, if you take that opportunity. If you become careless and don't appreciate the opportunity, or not take it, then there are less chances to become victorious. This morning, I was thinking that one of the things that I was not able to do in this spiritual life, and that was to be consistent. In many ways, yes, I was very stable, very consistent and victorious, but I don't think I ever was able to read Murli seven days a week. I read for three days, four days, of course, because there were others. So, I was thinking that now after almost more than three years, I have this opportunity to be consistent, to be regular, to be punctual. I am giving this example so that each one of us, whenever there is a chance to do the study or service, we should take it, because that is going to cover up your shortcomings or your weaknesses. Baba is saying that you have to be a conqueror of Maya. Maya doesn't have a form, Maya does not have an image, but Maya comes through someone or through circumstances. So, if I have to be a conqueror, then I will not be defeated by circumstances or situations. Many say, “Why does all this happen to me?” So, internally, first you become conqueror, victorious. Once you become conqueror, victorious, then automatically the circumstances will change.

The second thing is that I forget my own awareness. During Brahma Baba's time, one of the practices was that it was very important to remember everything, do everything accurately, and Baba never liked things to go slow. Many times it happened that Baba was with the guests, we were also around and Baba wanted the sister who was assisting Baba to bring something from the stockroom. She would go and she was pretty fast, but Baba would say to go fast, like electricity, you know how current passes. That should be your speed. So, I remember that we used to be very fast, very active, and very accurate. You could never forget anything, because it becomes your nature. I think I've shared this story before. In those days, the food was cooked on a wood fire, on big stoves, because we had to cook for a few hundred, so we had two stoves. So one was not working, and for repairs it had to go to Delhi. So, the group was going in the evening and one of the departments in the kitchen was supposed to send the stove to Delhi to get it fixed. So someone or the other got busy and the party left and they didn't give the stove. So they said, Baba I forgot. Baba said, “You forgot, but there are five, ten, so many souls connected, they all will have wasteful thoughts, and that will be a burden on you, that because of you, they couldn't get what they wanted. So, she was a bit sad that they didn't do it and they forgot. Within one second, Baba said, “Can there be a mistake in Drama? No. So, that means within one second realization, that I shouldn't have done this, that I should have remembered, but then you don't waste further time by creating wasteful thoughts. Baba said that it was Drama, it happened. Full stop. So, Baba taught us, you have to be accurate. It’s not that you forget the important things and you get busy with something else. Then this becomes the nature of forgetting. So they say be a conqueror of the nature of forgetfulness. If a mistake happens, realize it, don't repeat it, but don't keep feeling guilty, bad or sad, just put a full stop and move forward.

One of the aims is to become satopradhan. The Father says that it is through remembrance that you become satopradhan. Sato is the stage of the Silver Age, and the Golden Age is satopradhan. So, there is tamo, then there is rajo, then there is sato, then there is satoproadhan. So we had reached the stage of being tamopradhan and tamo, that means extreme darkness, ignorance. When there is ignorance, there is body consciousness, all the vices. Then when we get the light of knowledge, we improve. From tamopradhan to tamo, then from tamo to rajo, and rajo to sato, then satopradhan. So finally, it's like from tamo to satopradhan. This should be our stage. When you are satopradhan, the elements, nature, will also help you. Your intellect will work in a very creative way. We have to emerge the sato stage. One of the experiences of the sato stage will be zeal and enthusiasm. When it's rajo, what happens? Sometimes you want to do, sometimes you don't want to do. So, when there is enthusiasm, we get a lot of ideas and then we do it. When there is less enthusiasm, it's like Maya is defeating us. It is also our duty to give courage to others, and increase enthusiasm in others also.

I also like the point Baba was making, to have experience of all relationships with Baba, and not take the support of temporary pillars. Anything we have to construct we make the pillars, to give support to that structure. You know when we had our Diamond hall in Shantivan, a very big hall, but the beauty of that hall is that there are no pillars, even upstairs in Om Shanti bhavan. Dadi Prakashmani said, “I want a hall that doesn't have pillars.” So, they definitely had temporary pillars, and when the construction structure was ready, they removed those pillars. So, we also have to be careful not to use temporary pillars, temporary support of any relationship. If you do, then you will be deceived. To be victorious, it is important not to have any pillars. So if we pay attention, look into your life, what are you looking for? Someone to praise you, someone to appreciate you, someone to acknowledge you. Deep within, I think that my name was not mentioned, I am not being recognized. Very subtly, these desires arise, but we have to be conquerors of Maya. My nature is that my name should never be known, so I feel very comfortable. Baba is the one who knows that my account of elevated karma is increasing, I am very fortunate that I am getting all the golden opportunities. With those thoughts, one remains very content.

Om Shanti


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