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Conclusion & Experiences #30

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_30 Mohini_Didi April 30, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lovely to see all of you. I wish everyone had a chance to share your experience. Hearing Avyakti signals with one theme for 30 days definitely gives us clarity of the angelic stage. In a very subtle and simple way, we practiced one point per day and we did it for 30 days. It is beautiful to have a distaste for the old world and definitely, we don’t really have any interest. Do we have any interest or attractions in the old world? I think that many times during the day there is this attention that I have to do this or this should be my thoughts. I should be speaking like that, everyday’s attention, everyday's point, we practice and I think, it has been very good for me. So, I am sure each one of you should think about what kind of experiences you had from churning and then change that churning into practice. I wish you all could speak, but we all know that we can’t do that. Definitely you had many experiences, feeling double light, gave our burden to Baba, be unlimited and take love from Baba. Then Baba loves you, and we love Baba. Every difficulty becomes very simple. At least I had many experiences.

Om Shanti!

Service_with_Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle Attitude_1

Om Shanti! Baba said for us to have elevated thoughts, and from there all the vibrations which are created, is the most advanced, or very fast method to do service. When I came to Baba, Baba used to like us to practice soul consciousness. So, every afternoon Baba would say each one go separate, alone, on any top of the rock. There were many rocks around, and so I sat and practiced. Baba would say to practice, I am an immortal soul, I am a loveful soul, and other pure thoughts about the soul. So, I used to go and sit on the rock. It was just in front of Baba’s room, and at that time, we didn't have any residents. Then later on we had a meeting room, then brother Nirwair’s room with an office on the top. So, I would go and sit at 5 o'clock. Generally our timetable used to be after lunch everyone will rest, then at 4 o’ clock tea-time and 5 to 6 meditation and 6 o’ clock we go and help a little bit in the kitchen or do some karma yoga, and then early dinner for everyone. That was the timetable during Brahma Baba’s time. Baba said that there was a young girl in the next house, her father was in the military, but was very strict about her not coming to Brahma Kumaris. She used to watch. So, I would sit on this side and she would sit on the other side in her house and she would go in silence and keep watching, and then she started asking me, “What do you do? How do you do it? Then slowly her father also started becoming more cooperative. So, I was not doing anything. I wasn’t talking or anything. I was just sitting and practicing, but I am sure that’s what Baba meant whenever you are doing some practice, vibrations must be definitely creating the atmosphere and attraction.

When I came into knowledge, there was a lot of opposition and a lot of challenges. So going and confronting those who were opposing us or trying to convince them that’s what you think, is not who we are. We will just sit in silence, just start practicing, whether with love for Baba or any spiritual thoughts. I remember many times I would be sitting and those who are in opposition, they feel the vibrations and especially Baba used to teach us that those who are against you are your friends. Look at them also as souls. So we never had thoughts, “Why are they doing this? Why is their behavior not good?” The things they would say about Brahma Kumaris were not good, but if you go and tell them and convince them, then that’s not something right. Maybe some will change, but what we were taught is to just sit and send the good vibrations to them. So, I think this is something each one of you could experience. So it is my own effort, I want to practice, I want to be with Baba in the evening especially. I am becoming, but then also spreading vibrations. Some say, “I am sitting here now to do mansa seva,” but you practice for yourself. That is why I have elevated thoughts. Like when we go in front of the Dadis, or even now Baba doesn’t come, but when we play Baba’s video anywhere or even the day which is fixed in Madhuban, as soon as Baba gives drishti, we all feel we are in silence, we are becoming avyakt. So we should always remember, do for yourself, your perfection, your lightness, you are becoming carefree. As much as you are practicing, your vibrations are helping many souls to reach that stage. So it's very interesting to see how we practice for ourselves, and then vibrations spread which create an atmosphere. Baba is giving an example of a rocket, how fast it is, hundreds of miles within a second! In the same way, your good wishes and your pure feelings create vibrations, and Baba is saying that they go very fast like a rocket. So attitude, Baba says, is very powerful that creates atmosphere, and your drishti will change the world. At least those who are around us, change will happen in them. Baba is saying that sitting in one place you can serve the whole world. So the main essence I take from this, that I have to become perfect. I have to be an angel. I have to become avyakt or I have to be a master ocean of love. Whatever I have to be, I will spread those vibrations. Others will notice. We will also know that so much happens, you hear many things, but it doesn’t affect your feelings or even your thoughts. These days that doesn’t happen. So attention should be, let me become that, let me be in that stage and then think about it. Experience and then you yourself will find that many have been served. I am serving the world. I serve myself and the world is served in a very natural way. So pay attention, become angelic, do practices, and let the vibrations spread all over the world.

Om Shanti

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