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Conclusion and Experiences #31

Honest_Heart_31 Mohini_Didi December 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, getting ready to welcome the new year, and say goodbye to the old one. There is so much to practice so I start with what is called silence of words.That is where you speak, but you speak as much is necessary. You speak sweetly, sensibly, softly so gradually, when you are paying attention to your words and bringing that quality in the words, I think automatically you feel being withdrawn and it takes you into solitude. So, physically, even now, you do it but internally I just finish what I had to do and then I go sit on this throne in the center of the forehead, it is solitude, I am going in now. Generally, we try to relax, but now it's not only a question of relaxing, but also recharging. We have to get used to it, whenever you are done, just go in and in a second, this is what we call silence of thoughts. So, first we pay attention to words and then we pay attention to thoughts. Do I need to think that much for anything? This happened, this was Drama, can I put a full stop? So that practice also is not only when you sit, these are the practices during the day as karma yogi. We all will have to keep our routine, whatever we have to do. Internally keep practicing about thoughts, it's not like controlling thoughts, but no wasteful thoughts, So, your mind is becoming very silent. You know we have the example of Dadi Gulzar. Baba said that she was the medium because she has accumulated a lot of silence of mind. I remember that once there was a situation, and I asked Dadi, “Are you thinking about it?'' She said, “If my Baba doesn't worry, why would I worry?” It was such a good answer, that if there is something in my life, Baba is also part of it. If Baba is part of it, Baba will take care, we don't only leave it to Baba, we have to do it also. You are just one human being, there is the whole Drama, there is cycle, five elements, millions, billions of souls, what can you do? How much can you do?

So, what is the best way to stay with the self? Silence of words, silence of mind, and third is silence of the intellect. The intellect also goes planning, planning, planning. The intellect is too fast in making plans and all the plans cannot be implemented. So there are different kinds of silence. So when you are observing, these are different kinds of practices. It is not just the silence or stopping waste, but Baba wants us to have the stage. So unless I have this dharna of solitude, then I have to increase my concentration. What I am going to do is just in the awareness that I am a soul, and bodiless. When you really go into that, you can’t really find the end in the sense of having complete realization. I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, I am a pure soul. You are touching and going closer to your true self. It is such a beautiful experience, and this is where your concentration is increasing, your avyakt stage. What is avyakt stage? You experience that stage, ekant, going to the end, ekant is what ultimately it is. It's not only I am a point of light, but within that point there is a light, there is might, there are some natural original eternal qualities. What we are doing here is increasing and bringing the original stage of the self. So, light is increasing, power is increasing, love is increasing, peace is increasing. When we say bodiless, it is solitude, concentration, going within. We say the cave of introversion, but actually we have to create a habit. We always think of what the body needs, but now we have to do what the soul needs.

The soul needs to develop what we call solitude and concentration. There will be extreme situations and scenes of Drama which will test you. We do not know where or when this will happen. This is why Baba is preparing us, so that our tolerance, our patience, and our peace keeps us strong and stable. Ultimately, we have no guarantee about anything. So it is not the fear, but we do prepare. We have to be elevated, we have to be divine, we have to be perfect. So this practice not only will help us to remain stable in very challenging situations but also help me to prepare myself for the divine Golden Aged world. You know real bliss comes when you are in your true self and that contentment which comes from there makes your nature very sweet. Otherwise, it's frustration and irritation, not coming from external situations, but coming from lack of inner attainment. Brahma Baba never got angry, never got upset, so much was happening, he was cheerful, Drama, everyone's part. For us, for every little thing we have reason to get impatient, lose our tolerance. So all these qualities are required to go to the Golden Age. Circumstances will come to see what your percentage is. They are like tests. So it is the vibration that goes into the atmosphere. You should not forget that we are in the Yagya, we are an unlimited family. Not only that, but all the elements pick up everything too. I don't know how many times in Murli Baba said ‘sweetness’. So it's not sweetness like flattery, but I have love for every soul and soul conciousness Creating that loveful relationship with everyone. If people are not happy because of my nature or vibrations, their vibrations will kind of affect my spiritual journey, these are obstacles in my spiritual journey. So to be sweet, to be detached, moving forward, the atmosphere that you are creating, comes back to you in a very lovely way, including all the five elements. Whatever I am using, they will become your servers, very cooperative all the time. I always say whatever is good, we should eat less, why, so that you can keep eating all our life. If you like it and you eat a lot, you have to stop because the body will react to it. Eat in remembrance of Baba, and eat as much body requires. Dadi Gulzar said, “It's only three inches, the tongue controls your whole body, in the sense that you love for taste is something.” What you are giving to the body, eat in remembrance of Baba in soul consciousness, then definitely the experience that you have will be very spiritual.

Today, Baba is giving me a lot of blessings, today Baba wants to give me a lot of power, Baba is remembering me, you will feel it. Also, we keep our intellect so full that we don't feel that pull. So we want the program of Avyakti parivar not only for those who are talking but also for listeners, to have different experiences. It's not that we all are avyakt, even though our name is Avyakti Parivar. Avyakti parivar means I have to be avyakt, silent, and subtle. So, the different steps of silence, makes you very subtle and that is avyakt. You will feel the pull from Baba, and there will be a lot of good experiences. So, this is our homework for tomorrow, bodiless stage, bodiless soul.

Om Shanti

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