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Companion of God - Honesty #1

Companion_of_God_1 Mohini_Didi March 16, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is well, okay? Wonderful! Actually today is beginning of the celebration of Holi. In India, today is the burning of what they call Holika-Holi, tomorrow we'll be playing colours. You all must have definitely heard the story of why they burn Holi or Holy. There was this young child of a king, his name was Prahlad. He believed in God, but his father didn't like his son believing in God. So, he kept testing him, trying to kill him, so that he wouldn't talk about God. Then the king’s sister, Prahlad’s aunt, had a blessing. She was given a scarf and if she wraps that scarf around her, fire cannot burn her. So, she told her brother that I will wear this scarf and hold Prahlad in my lap and sit in the bonfire. Prahlad will be burnt, and I will be saved. Prahlad's mother and all the family were standing around. She got in the bonfire, and with the wind, the scarf went around Prahlad, so the fire started burning her and she started screaming, but nobody could save her. So she was burnt, but Prahlad was left. The king used so many ways and finally, he brought a big sword and he said he will himself kill his son, Prahlad. So, as he took the sword and then there was a big pillar, so he said show me where is God? Where is your God? Now let me see, how can He save you? It's a very interesting thing, they show incarnation where the lower part of the body was of human beings, and the top was the line, because there was some other part, like he cannot be killed by a human being. From that pillar, they call it “Narsingh Avatar”, this incarnation, they call it God. This form emerged and He told the king to put His legs on the lap, and He killed him. So, Prahlad was saved, but he was kind of guilty because his mother became a widow. Of course the story always has more details, but this is the summary.

So what they do here, in the evenings, they create a bonfire and they make very thick chapatis and they tie thread around it and put in that bonfire. Then they say that bread is burnt but not the thread. It's a kind of memorial. For Baba's children, we understand that before playing the colours of the company of God, we have to burn whatever is negative, evil, anything we have that is not of divine virtues, divine nature. It's a very good ceremony to do, even for Brahmins, because we don't want anything to be left in us, we want to burn everything because holi means holy, pure. Holi reminds us to be holy.

So now we will start thinking about our Dadi Janki. She always said, “I am a companion of God.” One is the hands of God, combined form of God, and companion. She says,” When I travel, I take Baba with me, and when Baba travels He takes me with Him.” In the beginning, we couldn't afford two tickets, so she travelled alone, and when people ask her, “Have you come alone?” She said,”No, I have my companion. I have eight maids also with me, companion is Baba, eight maids are eight powers. I don't travel alone.” Also, she tells Baba, “Wherever You go for service, please take me with You. I want to go with You everywhere.” So, companion means to be together, sharing like partners. It's like you start doing something and you need help, the companion comes in. The other one is when your partner starts doing something, like when Baba is doing something, we are available. When we are doing something, Baba is with us. It's a very powerful consciousness, very powerful awareness, but also, you really feel that you're not serving alone, you're not doing anything alone. Baba is your companion.

So I will suggest we all first look at the umbrella title of ‘Companion of God’. For Baba to be my companion and I to be Baba’s companion, we need certain special qualities. The first quality we will be talking about is honesty, which is a vast subject. Honesty first comes into thoughts when Baba says, “Remember Me alone, have all relationships with Me”. So, I have to be accountable even for thoughts. Baba, I am very honest, I only remember You. It's all right, Baba says, “For service, sometimes your devotees could emerge, sometimes seekers can emerge, but remembrance of One, my heart is with One, is called honesty. Honesty is also with time. Sometimes we find those who are on Baba 's service, just sitting on the computer all the time, and of course they say, “Oh, we are doing service”, but they watch so many different things. Even watching news is important, but for how long? If I spend hours only watching news, is not honesty in service, in time. I always tell everyone that Baba says, “At least eight hours you should serve Me.” Actually, a companion should be available 24 hours, but at least eight hours. That is what it is called “honesty of time”, “honesty of thoughts”.

Also, whatever I have been given as a trustee to take care of, I'm very honest and careful in spending that. Some know that everything belongs to Baba, and from that they use whatever is needed. It’s not that I give to Baba, that's really for me. He has given to me and I am a trustee of that, so how do I spend? We learned from Dadi Prakashmani and the other Dadis, every penny they spent was with honesty. Our standards are not very low or very high. If you buy something very cheap, it won't last. If you buy something very expensive, all the time your intellect is concerned that something will happen to it, because we are attached. So, that is why of course we have to use money, but use it in such a way that whatever is used with that honesty, will serve in a very good way. Dadi had this habit, that whatever she gets, she will immediately deposit into Baba's treasures. Honesty will help us to remain close to God, otherwise even that object can be an obstacle between me and God. I think this is very common, even in lokik relationships, if there is something you are hiding, somewhere it will show up on your face from time to time, and it will stain your heart. So, be honest and that will keep us very light, close to Baba, companions of God. So, let's remember Baba, burn the holi and celebrate together here with Bharatvasis. Om Shanti, companions of God with total honesty! Have a happy Holi!

Om Shanti

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