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Companion of God - Give Happiness #11

Companion_of_God_11 Mohini_Didi March 26, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, very well, yes, that’s great! Just imagine what must be happening here! Since early morning, everyone is invoking the presence of Dadi Janki, thinking of her qualities, what she did for herself as companion of God, and how much bhavna she had for the Yagya and for all of us. She had many specialties, and one was that she always had good wishes for everyone. She never looked at what the sanskars are of anyone, never, but always looked at souls of perfection. So, that is why she was able to look at the specialties of each of Baba’s children, and her love for each one of us is because of that specialty. Even while knowing the weaknesses of anyone, her attention always went on the specialties of everyone. I think this is a very good point for all of us. How should we look at souls so that we always look at the specialties and take cooperation from those qualities and specialties, for service, for the Yagya, and also the world? I always admired her because if I want to always have elevated thoughts, I have to think good about everyone. Otherwise, all thoughts won’t be elevated, some might be of weaknesses or useless things, but Dadi never had wasteful thoughts. One of her important slogans was to have good wishes for everyone. So, for her, tolerance was natural.

In the beginning, all Dadi wanted was to come to the Yagya. Each one had to go through a lot from their lokik family, the bondage, abuse, threats, and a lot of challenges. The families didn’t want them to come and surrender, it was very difficult on both sides, difficult for Dadis, but also for the families. From a social aspect, they felt it was their responsibility to take care of children, to marry them and all that. Those who have a lot of love for Baba really want to surrender to Baba, come closer to Baba, so they have to tolerate in their own way, because they think about why they are not allowed to go there. So, I think tolerance is on both sides. Then when coming to the Yagya, one needs to have a lot of tolerance, otherwise you cannot really stay. One is tolerance where you know you have to do your duties. It's a lot of renunciation. When we used to come to Madhuban, there were not even basic facilities and you had to do a lot of karma yoga, living together with 300 others. These days in Madhuban, even if we give someone a room with three or four, they find it difficult. There was a time when there were hundreds of them in a small space in Madhuban. They adjusted, and everyone had the art of tolerance. I know when Dadi Janki came to London, there were big problems of weather, of language, and very little space. There were eight of us, but we used to enjoy, we used to be happy, we didn't even feel it was tolerance. Now we feel of the beginning times, how difficult it was when there were very few facilities, but we were happy, and we did it very naturally.

So, when there is soul consciousness, there is purpose, there is an aim, then you don’t feel it as tolerance. Baba gives an example of a mother doing everything for the child, even some nights not sleeping but because there is so much, and they don’t feel there is tolerance. So, when there is love for Baba, there is love for yagya, there is love for all the souls, we serve and we don’t feel that we are tolerating anything. So, while whatever scenes of Drama appear, challenges come, but if all the souls want to belong to Baba, they must remain happy. Let it not be seen on their face that there are any difficulties. So, because they are happy, others look at them. If your face shows that you are deprived of something, or you don’t get what you want and your face is not happy, then you cannot share happiness with others. Baba uses two words: renunciation and fortune. If fortune is visible, you are happy, and others feel happy too, they are inspired. If you are feeling like there is so much tolerance, I don’t get this, and this is not right, those difficulties are visible on your face as lack of happiness. So, if I am happy, what I give to others is happiness. Not only happiness, but a lot of inner strength on their journey, they also start feeling strong. I found that looking at Dadi brought a lot of courage and enthusiasm in the form of happiness. She was so inspiring. I think most of you must have felt the same, listening to her, seeing her, created a lot of energy, a lot of courage for us to do internal spiritual efforts. She made it easy for us. Mostly she would share knowledge based on how the Dadis were able to inculcate, so we call them stories. They are not stories, they are real experiences of the Dadis. When they began service in Delhi, they had no shelter, no food, they didn’t know where they were spending the next night. Still their intoxication, their happiness, attracted everyone. They would get very little food and they were happy, because deep within they did not feel it is tolerance, but they felt very happy they could do something for Baba. It was internal, not physical, for them. I have seen the Dadis, lived with them, and they never showed they needed something or wanted something, they were so happy. So, anyone who came to them looking so happy, felt happy too.

So, giving happiness is your homework for tomorrow. You have to be happy first yourself and that is how to have a good connection with tolerance. When there is body consciousness, lack of self-respect, we are very sensitive and we take a lot of sorrow unnecessarily. Something would be bothering you, and then when you talk to the person, you find that there was just a misunderstanding, so really it was not necessary, I have to tolerate. I think, “Why is this person saying this?”, not knowing that it’s just my body consciousness making me feel that way, it’s not that the other person is looking at me like that. So, I always think that the whole world, everyone, needs happiness, but how do I remain happy so that I can bring happiness? Like when anyone enters the room, whatever the energy of that person is, you can feel the vibrations. So to bring happiness to everyone, all over the world, is when you forget your sorrows. Otherwise, I always have a reason to be sad, and those who really want to be happy, have no reason that can stop them from being happy. So, one of the special qualities of Dadi Janki is to give happiness to everyone. Brahma Baba used to say that Baba becomes number one because he gives happiness to everyone. Be simple in nature, have love for everyone, good wishes for everyone, so that you can be happy and give happiness to everyone. So, let’s see how the day will be with Dadi Janki, creating her presence, and I am sure that we are there with her and she is also with us. So, think of giving happiness to everyone.

Om Shanti

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